7 CFR § 958.50 - Marketing policy.

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§ 958.50 Marketing policy.

(a) Preparation. Prior to each marketing season the committee shall consider and prepare a proposed policy for the marketing of onions. In developing its marketing policy the committee shall investigate relevant supply and demand conditions for onions. In such investigations the committee shall give appropriate consideration to the following:

(1) Market prices for onions, including prices by variety, grade, size, and quality, and by different packs;

(2) Supply of onions by grade, size, quality, and variety in the production area and in other onion producing sections;

(3) The trend and level of consumer income;

(4) Establishing and maintaining orderly marketing conditions for onions;

(5) Orderly marketing of onions as will be in the public interest; and

(6) Other relevant factors.

(b) Reports.

(1) The committee shall submit a report to the Secretary setting forth the aforesaid marketing policy; and the committee shall notify producers and handlers of the contents of such report.

(2) In the event it becomes advisable to shift from such marketing policy because of changed supply and demand conditions, the committee shall prepare an amended or revised marketing policy in accordance with the manner previously outlined. The committee shall submit a report thereon to the Secretary and notify producers and handlers of the contents of such report on the revised or amended marketing policy.