7 CFR § 966.120 - Application for Certificate of Privilege.

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§ 966.120 Application for Certificate of Privilege.

(a) Whenever handling is regulated pursuant to § 966.54, each handler desiring to make shipments of tomatoes for any of the following purposes shall, prior thereto, apply to the committee for and obtain a Certificate of Privilege permitting such shipment:

(1) For pickling, or

(2) For processing, or

(3) For experimental purposes, or

(4) For relief or charity, or

(5) For export, or

(6) For other purposes which may be specified by the committee, with the approval of the Secretary.

(b)Applications for Certificates of Privilege shall be made on forms furnished by the committee. Each application shall contain the name and address of the handler, and such other information as such committee may require, such as, but not limited, to the quantity (by grade, size, quality, and variety) of tomatoes to be shipped, the mode of transportation, consignee, destination, and other appropriate information or documents necessary to safeguard against the entry of such tomatoes into trade channels other than those for which the Certificate of Privilege is granted.

[21 FR 353, Jan. 19, 1956. Redesignated at 26 FR 12751, Dec. 30, 1961, as amended at 59 FR 51091, Oct. 7, 1994]