7 CFR § 981.55 - Interhandler transfers.

§ 981.55 Interhandler transfers.

(a) Any handler may, upon notice to and under the supervision and direction of the Board, transfer almonds or reserve credits to another handler. Any such transfers shall be accounted for in such manner that the reserve obligation and assessments on the combined transactions of the participating handlers shall be fully met and such reserve withholding obligation and assessments may be divided between such handlers in accordance with their arrangements subject to approval of the Board.

(b) When salable and reserve percentages are in effect, any handler may transfer reserve withholding obligation to other handlers. Terms and conditions implementing this provision must be recommended by the Board and approved by the Secretary.

[35 FR 11372, July 16, 1970, as amended at 61 FR 32921, June 26, 1996]