7 CFR § 985.23 - Nominations.

§ 985.23 Nominations.

(a) Procedure.

(1) Nominations for producer members of the Committee and their alternates shall be made at nomination meetings of producers in each District. Such meetings shall be held at such times (on or before November 1 of each year) and places as the Committee shall designate. One nominee shall be elected for each position to be filled. The names and addresses of each nominee shall be submitted to the Secretary not later than December 1 of each year.

(2) Only producers, including duly authorized officers or employees of producers present and eligible to serve as producer members of the Committee, shall participate in the nomination. If a producer produces oil in more than one district, the producer shall select the district in which that producer will participate and notify the Committee of the choice.

(3) Should the Committee find it impractical to hold nomination meetings, nominations may be submitted to the Secretary based on the results of balloting by mail. Ballots to be used may contain the names of candidates and a blank space for write-in candidates for each position, together with voting instructions. The eligible person receiving the highest number of votes for a member or alternate position shall be the nominee for that position.

(4) The producer members of the Committee shall nominate the public member and alternate and member at the first meeting following the selection of members for a new term of office.

(b) Initial members. As soon as practicable following the effective date of this subpart, the Secretary shall hold, or cause to be held, nomination meetings of producers in each district to nominate the initial members of the Committee.

(c) The Committee with the approval of the Secretary shall issue rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this section or to change the procedures in this section in the event they are no longer practical.