7 CFR § 985.72 - Termination.

§ 985.72 Termination.

(a) Failure to effectuate. The Secretary shall terminate or suspend the operation of any or all of the provisions of this part upon a finding that such provisions obstruct or do not tend to effectuate the declared policy of the act.

(b) Referendum. The Secretary shall terminate the provisions of this subpart at the end of any marketing year upon a finding that such termination is favored by a majority of the producers who, during the preceding marketing year, produced for market more than 50 percent of the volume of oil so produced: Provided, That termination shall be effective only if announced before May 31 of the then current marketing year.

(c) Termination of act. The provisions of this subpart shall, in any event, terminate whenever the provisions of the act authorizing them cease to be in effect.