7 CFR § 985.8 - Handle.

§ 985.8 Handle.

Handle means to prepare oil for market, acquire oil from a producer, use oil commercially of own production, or sell, transport, or ship (except as a common or contract carrier of oil owned by another), or otherwise place oil into the current of commerce within the production area or from the area to points outside thereof: Provided, That:

(a) The preparation for market of salable oil by producers who are not dealers or users,

(b) The sale or transportation of salable oil by a producer to a handler of record within the production area, or

(c) The transfer of excess oil by the producer to another producer to enable that producer to fill a deficiency in an annual allotment, or

(d) The delivery of excess oil by the producer to the Committee or its designees, shall not be construed as handling.