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{'United States Code': [{'Title': '42', 'Section': '4321', 'headtext': ' Congressional declaration of purpose', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4321'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4331', 'headtext': ' Congressional declaration of national environmental policy', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4331'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4332', 'headtext': ' Cooperation of agencies; reports; availability of information; recommendations; international and national coordination of efforts', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4332'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4333', 'headtext': ' Conformity of administrative procedures to national environmental policy', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4333'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4334', 'headtext': ' Other statutory obligations of agencies', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4334'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4335', 'headtext': ' Efforts supplemental to existing authorizations', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4335'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4341', 'headtext': ' Omitted', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4341'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4342', 'headtext': ' Establishment; membership; Chairman; appointments', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4342'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4343', 'headtext': ' Employment of personnel, experts and consultants', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4343'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4344', 'headtext': ' Duties and functions', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4344'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4345', 'headtext': ' Consultation with Citizens’ Advisory Committee on Environmental Quality and other representatives', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4345'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4346', 'headtext': ' Tenure and compensation of members', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4346'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4346a', 'headtext': ' Travel reimbursement by private organizations and Federal, State, and local governments', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4346a'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4346b', 'headtext': ' Expenditures in support of international activities', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4346b'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4347', 'headtext': ' Authorization of appropriations', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4347'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4361', 'headtext': ' Repealed. Pub. L. 104–66, title II, §\u202f2021(k)(1), (2), Dec. 21, 1995, 109 Stat. 728', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4361'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4361b', 'headtext': ' Implementation by Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency of recommendations of “CHESS” Investigative Report; waiver; inclusion of status of implementation requirements in annual revisions of plan for research, development, and demonstration', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4361b'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4361c', 'headtext': ' Staff management', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4361c'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4362', 'headtext': ' Interagency cooperation on prevention of environmental cancer and heart and lung disease', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4362'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4362a', 'headtext': ' Membership of Task Force on Environmental Cancer and Heart and Lung Disease', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4362a'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4363', 'headtext': ' Continuing and long-term environmental research and development', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4363'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4363a', 'headtext': ' Pollution control technologies demonstrations', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4363a'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4364', 'headtext': ' Expenditure of funds for research and development related to regulatory program activities', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4364'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4365', 'headtext': ' Science Advisory Board', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4365'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4366', 'headtext': ' Identification and coordination of research, development, and demonstration activities', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4366'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4366a', 'headtext': ' Omitted', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4366a'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4367', 'headtext': ' Reporting requirements of financial interests of officers and employees of Environmental Protection Agency', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4367'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4368', 'headtext': ' Grants to qualified citizens groups', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4368'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4368a', 'headtext': ' Utilization of talents of older Americans in projects of pollution prevention, abatement, and control', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4368a'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4368b', 'headtext': ' General assistance program', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4368b'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4369', 'headtext': ' Miscellaneous reports', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4369'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4369a', 'headtext': ' Reports on environmental research and development activities of Agency', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4369a'}, {'Title': '42', 'Section': '4370', 'headtext': ' Reimbursement for use of facilities', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/42/4370'}], 'Statutes at Large': [], 'Public Laws': [], 'Presidential Documents': []}