8 CFR § 1003.31 - Filing documents and applications.

§ 1003.31 Filing documents and applications.

(a) All documents and applications that are to be considered in a proceeding before an Immigration Judge must be filed with the Immigration Court having administrative control over the Record of Proceeding.

(b) Except as provided in 8 CFR 1240.11(f), all documents or applications requiring the payment of a fee must be accompanied by a fee receipt from the Service or by an application for a waiver of fees pursuant to 8 CFR 3.24. Except as provided in § 1003.8(a) and (c), any fee relating to Immigration Judge proceedings shall be paid to, and accepted by, any Service office authorized to accept fees for other purposes pursuant to § 1103.7(a) of this chapter.

(c) The Immigration Judge may set and extend time limits for the filing of applications and related documents and responses thereto, if any. If an application or document is not filed within the time set by the Immigration Judge, the opportunity to file that application or document shall be deemed waived.

(d) The Service may file documents under seal by including a cover sheet identifying the contents of the submission as containing information which is being filed under seal. Documents filed under seal shall not be examined by any person except pursuant to authorized access to the administrative record.

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