8 CFR § 1240.13 - Notice of decision.

§ 1240.13 Notice of decision.

(a) Written decision. A written decision shall be served upon the respondent and the DHS counsel, together with the notice referred to in § 1003.3 of this chapter. Service by mail is complete upon mailing.

(b) Oral decision. An oral decision shall be stated by the immigration judge in the presence of the respondent and the DHS counsel, if any, at the conclusion of the hearing. A copy of the summary written order shall be furnished at the request of the respondent or the DHS counsel.

(c) Summary decision. When the immigration judge renders a summary decision as provided in § 1240.12(b), he or she shall serve a copy thereof upon the respondent and the DHS counsel at the conclusion of the hearing.

(d) Decision to remove. If the immigration judge decides that the respondent is removable and orders the respondent to be removed, the immigration judge shall advise the respondent of such decision, and of the consequences for failure to depart under the order of removal, including civil and criminal penalties described at sections 274D and 243 of the Act. Unless appeal from the decision is waived, the respondent shall be furnished with Form EOIR–26, Notice of Appeal, and advised of the provisions of § 1240.15.

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