8 CFR § 1240.2 - Service counsel.

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§ 1240.2 Service counsel.

(a)Authority.Service counsel shall present on behalf of the government evidence material to the issues of deportability or inadmissibility and any other issues that may require disposition by the immigration judge. The duties of the Service counsel include, but are not limited to, the presentation of evidence and the interrogation, examination, and cross-examination of the respondent or other witnesses. Nothing contained in this subpart diminishes the authority of an immigration judge to conduct proceedings under this part. The Service counsel is authorized to appeal from a decision of the immigration judge pursuant to § 1003.38 of this chapter and to move for reopening or reconsideration pursuant to § 1003.23 of this chapter.

(b)Assignment. In a removal proceeding, the Service shall assign an attorney to each case within the provisions of § 1240.10(d), and to each case in which an unrepresented respondent is incompetent or is under 18 years of age, and is not accompanied by a guardian, relative, or friend. In a case in which the removal proceeding would result in an order of removal, the Service shall assign an attorney to each case in which a respondent's nationality is in issue. A Service attorney shall be assigned in every case in which the Commissioner approves the submission of non-record information under § 1240.11(a)(3). In his or her discretion, whenever he or she deems such assignment necessary or advantageous, the General Counsel may assign a Service attorney to any other case at any stage of the proceeding.