8 CFR § 211.2 - Passports.

§ 211.2 Passports.

(a) A passport valid for the bearer's entry into a foreign country at least 60 days beyond the expiration date of his or her immigrant visa shall be presented by each immigrant except an immigrant who:

(1) Is the parent, spouse, or unmarried son or daughter of a United States citizen or of an alien lawful permanent resident of the United States;

(2) Is entering under the provisions of § 211.1(a)(2) through (a)(7);

(3) Is a child born during the temporary visit abroad of a mother who is a lawful permanent resident alien, or a national, of the United States, provided that the child's application for admission to the United States is made within 2 years of birth, the child is accompanied by the parent who is applying for readmission as a permanent resident upon the first return of the parent to the United States after the birth of the child, and the accompanying parent is found to be admissible to the United States;

(4) Is a stateless person or a person who because of his or her opposition to Communism is unwilling or unable to obtain a passport from the country of his or her nationality, or is the accompanying spouse or unmarried son or daughter of such immigrant; or

(5) Is a member of the Armed Forces of the United States.

(b) Except as provided in paragraph (a) of this section, if an alien seeking admission as an immigrant with an immigrant visa believes that good cause exists for his or her failure to present a passport, the alien may file an application for a waiver of this requirement with the DHS officer who has jurisdiction over the port of entry where the alien arrives. To apply for this waiver, the alien must apply on the form specified by USCIS, with the fee prescribed in 8 CFR 106.2. In the exercise of discretion, the DHS officer with jurisdiction over the port of entry, may waive the alien's lack of passport and admit the alien as an immigrant, if DHS is satisfied that the alien has established good cause for his or her failure to present a passport.

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