8 CFR § 239.1 - Notice to appear.

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§ 239.1 Notice to appear.

(a) Issuance of notice to appear. Any immigration officer, or supervisor thereof, performing an inspection of an arriving alien at a port-of-entry may issue a notice to appear to such alien. In addition, the following officers, or officers acting in such capacity, may issue a notice to appear:

(1) District directors (except foreign);

(2) Deputy district directors (except foreign);

(3) Chief patrol agents;

(4) Deputy chief patrol agents;

(5) Division chiefs;

(6) Assistant chief patrol agents;

(7) Patrol agents in charge;

(8) Deputy patrol agents in charge;

(9) Border patrol watch commanders;

(10) Special operations supervisors;

(11) Supervisory border patrol agents;

(12) Directors of air operations;

(13) Directors of marine operations;

(14) Supervisory air and marine interdiction agents;

(15) Service center directors;

(16) Deputy service center directors;

(17) Assistant service center directors for examinations;

(18) Supervisory immigration services officers;

(19) Supervisory immigration officers;

(20) Supervisory asylum officers;

(21) Officers in charge (except foreign);

(22) Assistant officers in charge (except foreign);

(23) Special agents in charge;

(24) Deputy special agents in charge;

(25) Associate special agents in charge;

(26) Assistant special agents in charge;

(27) Resident agents in charge;

(28) Supervisory special agents;

(29) Directors of investigations;

(30) District directors for interior enforcement;

(31) Deputy or assistant district directors for interior enforcement;

(32) Director of enforcement and removal operations;

(33) Field office directors;

(34) Deputy field office directors;

(35) Supervisory deportation officers;

(36) Supervisory detention and deportation officers;

(37) Directors or officers in charge of detention facilities;

(38) Directors of field operations;

(39) Assistant directors of field operations;

(40) Port directors;

(41) Assistant port directors;

(42) Field operations watch commanders;

(43) Field operations chiefs;

(44) Unit Chief, Law Enforcement Support Center;

(45) Section Chief, Law Enforcement Support Center; or

(46) Other duly authorized officers or employees of the Department of Homeland Security or of the United States who are delegated the authority as provided by 8 CFR 2.1 to issue notices to appear, and who have successfully completed any required immigration law enforcement training.

(b) Service of notice to appear. Service of the notice to appear shall be in accordance with section 239 of the Act.

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