8 CFR § 241.2 - Warrant of removal.

§ 241.2 Warrant of removal.

(a) Issuance of a warrant of removal -

(1) In general. A Form I-205, Warrant of Removal, based on the final administrative removal order in the alien's case will be issued by any of the following immigration officials:

(i) Director, Enforcement and Removal Operations;

(ii) Deputy Assistant Director, Field Operations;

(iii) Field Office Directors;

(iv) Deputy Field Office Directors;

(v) Assistant Field Office Directors;

(vi) Officers in Charge;

(vii) Special Agents in Charge;

(viii) Deputy Special Agents in Charge;

(ix) Associate Special Agents in Charge;

(x) Assistant Special Agents in Charge;

(xi) Group Supervisors;

(xii) Resident Agents in Charge;

(xiii) District Field Officers;

(xiv) Chief Patrol Agents;

(xv) Deputy Chief Patrol Agents;

(xvi) Division Chiefs;

(xvii) Assistant Chief Patrol Agents;

(xviii) Patrol Agents in Charge;

(xix) Deputy Patrol Agents in Charge;

(xx) Watch Commanders, Border Patrol;

(xxi) Director of Air Operations;

(xxii) Director of Marine Operations;

(xxiii) Supervisory Air and Marine Interdiction Agents;

(xxiv) Unit Chief, Law Enforcement Support Center;

(xxv) Section Chief, Law Enforcement Support Center;

(xxvi) Port Directors;

(xxvii) Assistant Port Directors;

(xxviii) Directors, Field Operations;

(xxix) Assistant Directors, Field Operations;

(xxx) Watch Commanders, Field Operations;

(xxxi) Chiefs, Field Operations; and

(xxxii) Other duly authorized officers or employees of the Department of Homeland Security or the United States who are delegated the authority as provided in 8 CFR 2.1 to issue Warrants of Removal, and who have successfully completed any required immigration law enforcement training.

(2) Costs and care during removal. The immigration officials listed in paragraphs (a)(1)(i) through (xxxi) of this section, and other officers or employees of the Department or the United States who are delegated the authority as provided in 8 CFR 2.1, shall exercise the authority contained in section 241 of the Act to determine at whose expense the alien shall be removed and whether his or her mental or physical condition requires personal care and attention en route to his or her destination.

(b) Execution of the warrant of removal. Any officer authorized by 8 CFR 287.5(e)(3) to execute administrative warrants of arrest may execute a warrant of removal.

[70 FR 67089, Nov. 4, 2005, as amended at 81 FR 62355, Sept. 9, 2016]

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