8 CFR § 334.5 - Amendment of application for naturalization; reopening proceedings.

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§ 334.5 Amendment of application for naturalization; reopening proceedings.

(a) Clerical amendments—(1) By applicant. An applicant may request that the application for naturalization be amended either prior to or subsequent to the administration of the oath of allegiance.

(2) By Service. The Service may amend, at any time, an application for naturalization when in receipt of information that clearly indicates that a clerical error has occurred.

(3) Amendment procedure. Any amendment will be limited to the correction of clerical errors arising from oversight or omission. If the amendment is approved, the amended application shall be filed with the original application for naturalization.

(b) Substantive amendments. Any substantive amendments which affect the jurisdiction or the decision on the merits of the application will not be authorized. When the Service is in receipt of any information that would indicate that an application for naturalization should not have been granted on the merits, the Service may institute proceedings to reopen the application before admission to citizenship, or to revoke the naturalization of a person who has been admitted to citizenship, in accordance with section 340 of the Act and § 335.5 of this chapter.

[56 FR 50496, Oct. 7, 1991]