9 CFR § 108.10 - Outer premises and stables.

§ 108.10 Outer premises and stables.

(a) The outer premises of licensed establishments, embracing docks, driveways, approaches, yards, pens, chutes, and alleys shall be drained properly and kept in a clean and orderly condition. No nuisance shall be allowed in any licensed establishment or on its premises.

(b) Stables or other premises for animals used in the production or testing of biological products at licensed establishments shall be properly ventilated and lighted, appropriately drained and guttered, and kept in sanitary condition.

(c) Every practical precaution shall be taken to keep licensed establishments free of flies, rats, mice, and other vermin. The accumulation, on the premises of an establishment, of any material in which flies or other vermin may breed is forbidden. Suitable arrangements, in keeping with the local health practices, shall be made for the disposal of all refuse.