9 CFR § 108.8 - Construction of buildings.

§ 108.8 Construction of buildings.

(a) The floors, walls, ceilings, partitions, posts, doors, and all other parts of all structures, rooms, or facilities used for the preparation of biological products or ingredients of biological products at licensed establishments shall be of such material, construction, and finish as may be readily and thoroughly cleaned.

(b) All rooms used in connection with the preparation of biological products shall be so constructed and arranged as to prevent cross-contamination of such biological products. Halls or walkways shall be provided for the movement of personnel or materials to each biological products preparation area without going through another such area.

(c) Rooms or compartments separate from the remainder of the establishment shall be provided at licensed establishments for preparing, handling, and storing virulent or dangerous microorganisms and products.

(d) All rooms and compartments at licensed establishments shall have an adequate air handling system to supply proper ventilation sufficient to insure sanitary and hygienic conditions for the protection of the products and personnel.

(e) The supply of hot and cold water at licensed establishments shall be ample and clean. Adequate facilities shall be provided for the distribution of water in each establishment and for the washing of all containers, machinery, instruments, other equipment, and animals used in the preparation of a biological product.

(f) There shall be an efficient drainage and plumbing system for each licensed establishment and premises thereof, and all drains and gutters shall be properly installed with approved traps and vents.