9 CFR § 115.1 - Inspections of establishments.

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§ 115.1 Inspections of establishments.

(a) Any inspector shall be permitted to enter any establishment where any biological product is prepared, at any hour during the day or night, and shall be permitted to inspect, without previous notification, the entire premises of the establishment, including all buildings, compartments, and other places, all biological products, and organisms and vectors in the establishment, and all materials and equipment, such as chemicals, instruments, apparatus, and the like, and the methods used in the manufacture of, and all records maintained relative to, biological products produced at such establishment.

(b) Each inspector will have in his or her possession a numbered USDA badge or identification card. Either shall be sufficient identification to entitle him/her to admittance at all regular entrances and to all parts of such establishment and premises and to any place at any time for the purpose of making an inspection pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section.

[52 FR 30134, Aug. 13, 1987]