9 CFR § 116.7 - Test records.

§ 116.7 Test records.

Detailed records of all tests conducted on each serial and each subserial shall be maintained by the licensee. Summaries of such tests shall be prepared from such records and submitted to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service using APHIS Form 2008 or an acceptable equivalent form prior to release of the serial or subserial. Blank forms for such summaries shall be available from Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service upon request.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579-0013)
[39 FR 16872, May 10, 1974, as amended at 48 FR 57473, Dec. 30, 1983; 56 FR 66784, Dec. 26, 1991; 61 FR 52874, Oct. 9, 1996]