9 CFR § 151.7 - Examination of animal.

§ 151.7 Examination of animal.

(a) For the purpose of determining identity, an examination shall be made by an inspector of each animal for which free entry is claimed under the act. All animals shall be examined at the port of entry: Provided, however, That dogs, other than those regulated under § 92.600 of this chapter, and cats may be examined either at the port of entry or at any other port where customs entry is made.

(b) The owner, agent, or importer shall provide adequate assistance and facilities for restraining and otherwise handling the animal and present it in such manner and under such conditions as in the opinion of the inspector will make a proper examination possible. Otherwise, the examination of the animal will be refused or postponed by the inspector until the owner, agent, or importer meets these requirements.

(c) A pedigree certificate, as required by § 151.4 shall be presented at the time of examination to the inspector making the examination in order that proper identification of the animal may be made. When upon such examination of any animal, the color, markings, or other identifying characteristics do not conform with the description given in the pedigree certificate and the owner, agent, or importer desires to pursue the matter further, the inspector shall issue ANH Form 17–419 to the owner, agent, or importer, and shall forward the pedigree certificate for this animal, together with ANH Form 17–419, to the Washington office of APHIS by certified mail. A determination will be made by such office as to the identity of the animal in question and the eligibility of the animal for certification under § 151.2. The pedigree certificate will be returned to the party who submitted it as soon as such determination is made. Removal of an animal from the port where examination is made prior to presentation of the pedigree certificate or other failure to comply with the requirements of this paragraph shall constitute a waiver of any further claim to certification under the regulations in this part.

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