9 CFR § 2.30 - Registration.

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§ 2.30 Registration.

(a) Requirements and procedures.

(1) Each research facility, other than a Federal research facility, shall register with the Secretary by completing and filing a properly executed form which will be furnished, upon request, by the Deputy Administrator. The registration form shall be filed with the Deputy Administrator. Except as provided in paragraph (a)(2) of this section, where a school or department of a university or college uses or intends to use live animals for research, tests, experiments, or teaching, the university or college rather than the school or department will be considered the research facility and will be required to register with the Secretary. An official who has the legal authority to bind the parent organization shall sign the registration form.

(2) In any situation in which a school or department of a university or college demonstrates to the Secretary that it is a separate legal entity and its operations and administration are independent of those of the university or college, the school or department will be registered rather than the university or college.

(3) A subsidiary of a business corporation, rather than the parent corporation, will be registered as a research facility unless the subsidiary is under such direct control of the parent corporation that the Secretary determines that it is necessary that the parent corporation be registered to effectuate the purposes of the Act.

(b) Acknowledgment of regulations and standards. APHIS will supply a copy of the regulations and standards in this subchapter with each registration form. The research facility shall acknowledge receipt of and shall agree to comply with the regulations and standards by signing a form provided for this purpose by APHIS, and by filing it with the Deputy Administrator.

(c) Notification of change of operation. A research facility shall notify the Deputy Administrator in writing of any change in the name, address, or ownership, or other change in operations affecting its status as a research facility, within 10 days after making such change. The Notification of Change form (APHIS Form 7033) may be used to provide the information.

(d) Duration of a registration and conditions for cancellation of a registration.

(1) A research facility that goes out of business or ceases to function as a research facility, or that changes its method of operation so that it no longer uses, handles, or transports animals, and does not plan to use, handle, or transport animals at any time in the future, may have its registration canceled by making a written request to the Deputy Administrator.

(2) If the Deputy Administrator has sufficient evidence showing that a research facility has ceased to function as a research facility, then the Deputy Administrator may cancel the registration on its own, without a written request from the research facility.

(3) If a research facility plans to resume regulated activity, the facility is responsible for submitting a form (APHIS Form 7011A) to reregister at least 10 days prior to it using, handling, or transporting animals. There are no fees associated with such reregistration.

(e) Non-interference with APHIS officials. No research facility shall interfere with, threaten, abuse (including verbally abuse), or harass any APHIS official who is in the course of carrying out his or her duties.

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