9 CFR 53.4 - Destruction of animals.

§ 53.4 Destruction of animals.
(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, animals infected with or exposed to disease shall be killed promptly after appraisal and disposed of by burial or burning, unless otherwise specifically provided by the Administrator, at his or her discretion. In the case of animals depopulated due to spring viremia of carp or infectious salmon anemia, salvageable fish may be sold for rendering, processing, or any other purpose approved by the Administrator. The proceeds gained from the sale of the fish will be subtracted from any payment from APHIS for which the producer or owner is eligible under § 53.2(b) or § 53.11.
(b) [Reserved]
(c) The killing of animals and the burial, burning, or other disposal of carcasses of animals pursuant to the regulations in this part shall be supervised by an APHIS employee who shall prepare and transmit to the Administrator a report identifying the animals and showing the disposition thereof.
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