9 CFR § 56.10 - Initial State response and containment plan.

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§ 56.10 Initial State response and containment plan.

(a) In order for poultry owners within a State to be eligible for indemnity and/or compensation for 100 percent of eligible costs under § 56.3(b), the State in which the poultry participate in the Plan must have in place an initial State response and containment plan that has been approved by APHIS. The initial State response and containment plan must be developed by the Official State Agency. In States where the Official State Agency is different than the Cooperating State Agency, the Cooperating State Agency must also participate in the development of the plan. The plan must be administered by the Cooperating State Agency of the relevant State. This plan must include:

(1) Provisions for a standing emergency disease management committee, regular meetings, and exercises, including coordination with any tribal governments that may be affected;

(2) A minimum biosecurity plan followed by all poultry producers;

(3) Provisions for adequate diagnostic resources;

(4) Detailed, specific procedures for initial handling and investigation of suspected cases of H5/H7 LPAI;

(5) Detailed, specific procedures for reporting test results to APHIS. These procedures must be developed after appropriate consultation with poultry producers in the State and must provide for the reporting only of confirmed cases of H5/H7 LPAI in accordance with § 146.13 of this chapter;

(6) Detailed, strict quarantine measures for presumptive and confirmed index cases;

(7) Provisions for developing flock plans for infected and exposed flocks;

(8) Detailed plans for disposal of infected flocks, including preexisting agreements with regulatory agencies and detailed plans for carcass disposal, disposal sites, and resources for conducting disposal, and detailed plans for disposal of materials that come into contact with poultry infected with or exposed to H5/H7 LPAI;

(9) Detailed plans for cleaning and disinfection of premises, repopulation, and monitoring after repopulation;

(10) Provisions for appropriate control/monitoring zones, contact surveys, and movement restrictions;

(11) Provisions for monitoring activities in control zones;

(12) If vaccination is considered as an option, a written plan for use in place with proper controls and provisions for APHIS approval of any use of vaccine;

(13) Plans for H5/H7 LPAI-negative flocks that provide for quarantine, testing, and controlled marketing; and

(14) Public awareness and education programs regarding avian influenza.

(b) If a State is designated a U.S. Avian Influenza Monitored State, Layers under § 146.24(a) of this chapter or a U.S. Avian Influenza Monitored State, Turkeys under § 146.44(a) of this chapter, it will lose that status during any outbreak of H5/H7 LPAI and for 90 days after the destruction and disposal of all infected or exposed birds and cleaning and disinfection of all affected premises are completed.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579-0474)
[71 FR 56323, Sept. 26, 2006, as amended at 75 FR 10658, Mar. 9, 2010; 85 FR 62564, Oct. 5, 2020]