9 CFR § 93.414 - Milk from quarantined ruminants.

§ 93.414 Milk from quarantined ruminants.

Milk or cream from ruminants quarantined under the provisions of this part shall not be used by any person other than those in charge of such ruminants, nor be fed to any animals other than those within the same enclosure, without permission of the APHIS representative or inspector in charge of the quarantine station and subject to such restrictions as he or she may consider necessary to each instance. No milk or cream shall be removed from the quarantine premises except in compliance with all State and local regulations.

[55 FR 31495, Aug. 2, 1990. Redesignated at 62 FR 56012, Oct. 28, 1997, as amended at 71 FR 29779, May 24, 2006]