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§ 2-800. How to Cite Articles and Other Law Journal Writing

The relevant citation principles follow; section 3-800 provides both basic examples and further samples from a diversity of major U.S. law journals.

§ 2-810. Journal Article Citations – Most Common Form [BB|ALWD]

Principle: The components of a journal article citation are, in order:

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Element (a) -The full name of the contributing author followed by a comma

§ 2-810(b) Examples Window (restore)

Element (b) - The article title in full (italicized or underlined) followed by a comma, with all words other than prepositions and conjunctions begun with a capital letter «e.g.»

§ 2-810(c) Examples Window (restore)

Element (c) - The volume number «e.g.»

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Element (d) - The journal name (abbreviated) «e.g.»

§ 2-810(e) Examples Window (restore)

Element (e) - The page number(s)

§ 2-810(f) Examples Window (restore)

Element (f) - The year of publication in parentheses (unless it is contained in the volume number) «e.g.»

§ 2-820. Journal Article Citations – Variants and Special Cases [BB|ALWD]

Journal material other than articles by contributing authors is cited in similar form with the following differences of detail:

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Special Case 1 – Student Writing by a Named Student:

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Special Case 2 – Unsigned Student Writing:

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Special Case 3 – Book Reviews:

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Special Case 4 – Symposia and the Like:

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Special Case 5 – Tributes, Dedications and Other Specially Labeled Articles:

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Special Case 6 – Articles in Journals with Separate Pagination in Each Issue:


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