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§ 4-100. Words Abbreviated in Case Names [BB|ALWD]

Set out below is a table of words and their abbreviations with links to examples. It is a composite of those contained in The Bluebook and the ALWD Guide to Legal Citation.


Abbreviate the listed words wherever they appear in a party's name that is part of a citation. In addition, abbreviate any state that is included in a party name. (See § 4-500.) When the case is being referred to in a sentence of the text itself rather than simply as a citation only the words starred [*] in the table below should be abbreviated, and then only when not at the beginning of a party's name..

Any other word of eight letters or more not on the following list may also be abbreviated if the abbreviation chosen saves substantial space and reasonably connotes the original word. For a number of words, but following no consistent pattern, both manuals occasionally employ contractions (e.g., Eng'r and Int'l, though curiously Envtl.).

Except when the abbreviation list explicitly provides for the plural, the plural of a listed word is abbreviated by adding an "s" to the abbreviation of the singular.


A-B     C    
Academy Acad. «e.g.» Casualty Cas. «e.g.»
Administrative or Administration Admin. «e.g.» Center or Centre Ctr. «e.g.»
Administrator or Administratrix Adm'[r,x] «e.g.» Central Cent. «e.g.»
Advertising Adver. «e.g.» Chemical Chem. «e.g.»
Agriculture or Agricultural Agric. «e.g.» Coalition Coal. «e.g.»
Alternative Alt. «e.g.» College Coll. «e.g.»
America or American Am. «e.g.» Commission Comm'n «e.g.»
And * & «e.g.» Commissioner Comm'r «e.g.»
Associate Assoc. «e.g.» Committee Comm. «e.g.»
Association * Ass'n «e.g.» Communication Commc'n «e.g.»
Atlantic Atl. «e.g.» Community Cmty. «e.g.»
Authority Auth. «e.g.» Company * Co. «e.g.»
Automobile or Automotive Auto. «e.g.» Compensation Comp. «e.g.»
Avenue Ave. «e.g.» Condominium Condo. «e.g.»
Bankruptcy Bankr. «e.g.» Congress or Congressional Cong. «e.g.»
Board Bd. «e.g.» Consolidated Consol. «e.g.»
Broadcast or Broadcasting Broad. «e.g.» Construction Constr. «e.g.»
Brotherhood Bhd. «e.g.» Continental Cont'l «e.g.»
Brothers * Bros. «e.g.» Cooperative Coop. «e.g.»
Building Bldg. «e.g.» Corporation * Corp. «e.g.»
Business Bus. «e.g.» Correction, Correctional, or Corrections Corr. «e.g.»
      County Cnty. «e.g.»


D-E   F-K    
Defense Def. «e.g.» Federal Fed. «e.g.»
Department Dep't «e.g.» Federation Fed'n «e.g.»
Detention Det. «e.g.» Fidelity Fid. «e.g.»
Development Dev. «e.g.» Finance, Financial, or Financing Fin. «e.g.»
Director Dir. «e.g.» Foundation Found. «e.g.»
Discount Disc. «e.g.» General Gen. «e.g.»
Distributor or Distributing Distrib. «e.g.» Gender Gend. «e.g.»
District Dist. «e.g.» Government Gov't «e.g.»
Division Div. «e.g.» Group Grp. «e.g.»
East or Eastern E. «e.g.» Guaranty Guar. «e.g.»
Economic, Economical, Economics, or Economy Econ. «e.g.» Hospital Hosp. «e.g.»
Education or Educational Educ. «e.g.» Housing Hous. «e.g.»
Electric, Electrical, Electricity, or Electronic Elec. «e.g.» Import, Importation, or Importer Imp. «e.g.»
Employee Emp. «e.g.» Incorporated * Inc. «e.g.»
Employer or Employment Emp'[r,t] «e.g.» Indemnity Indem. «e.g.»
Engineer Eng'r «e.g.» Independent Indep. «e.g.»
Engineering Eng'g «e.g.» Industry, Industries, or Industrial Indus. «e.g.»
Enterprise Enter. «e.g.» Information Info. «e.g.»
Entertainment Entm't «e.g.» Institute or Institution Inst. «e.g.»
Environment Env't «e.g.» Insurance Ins. «e.g.»
Environmental Envtl. «e.g.» International Int'l «e.g.»
Equality Equal. «e.g.» Investment Inv. «e.g.»
Equipment Equip. «e.g.» Laboratory Lab. «e.g.»
Examiner Exam'r «e.g.» Liability Liab. «e.g.»
Exchange Exch. «e.g.» Limited * Ltd. «e.g.»
Executive Exec. «e.g.» Litigation Litig. «e.g.»
Executor or Executrix Ex'[r,x] «e.g.»    
Export, Exportation, or Exporter Exp. «e.g.»      


M-O   P-R    
Machine or Machinery Mach. «e.g.» Pacific Pac. «e.g.»
Maintenance Maint. «e.g.» Partnership P'ship «e.g.»
Management Mgmt. «e.g.» Person, Personal, or Personnel Pers. «e.g.»
Manufacturer Mfr. «e.g.» Pharmaceutics or Pharmaceuticals Pharm. «e.g.»
Manufacturing Mfg. «e.g.» Preserve or Preservation Pres. «e.g.»
Maritime Mar. «e.g.» Probation Prob. «e.g.»
Market Mkt. «e.g.» Product or Production Prod. «e.g.»
Marketing Mktg. «e.g.» Professional Prof'l «e.g.»
Mechanic or Mechanical Mech. «e.g.» Property Prop. «e.g.»
Medical or Medicine Med. «e.g.» Protection Prot. «e.g.»
Memorial Mem'l «e.g.» Public Pub. «e.g.»
Merchant, Merchandise, or Merchandising Merch. «e.g.» Publication Publ'n «e.g.»
Metropolitan Metro. «e.g.» Publishing Publ'g «e.g.»
Mortgage Mortg. «e.g.»      
Municipal Mun. «e.g.» Railroad R.R. «e.g.»
Mutual Mut. «e.g.» Railway Ry. «e.g.»
National Nat'l «e.g.» Refining Ref. «e.g.»
North or Northern N. «e.g.» Regional Reg'l «e.g.»
Northeast or Northeastern Ne. «e.g.» Rehabilitation Rehab. «e.g.»
Northwest or Northwestern Nw. «e.g.» Reproduction or Reproductive Reprod. «e.g.»
Number * No. «e.g.» Resource or Resources Res. «e.g.»
Opinion Op. «e.g.» Restaurant Rest. «e.g.»
Organization or Organizing Org. «e.g.» Retirement Ret. «e.g.»
      Road Rd. «e.g.»


S     T-Z    
Savings Sav. «e.g.» Technology Tech. «e.g.»
School or Schools Sch. «e.g.» Telecommunication Telecomm. «e.g.»
Science Sci. «e.g.» Telephone or Telegraph Tel. «e.g.»
Secretary Sec'y «e.g.» Temporary Temp. «e.g.»
Security or Securities Sec. «e.g.» Township Twp. «e.g.»
Service Serv. «e.g.» Transcontinental Transcon. «e.g.»
Shareholder S'holder «e.g.» Transport or Transportation Transp. «e.g.»
Social Soc. «e.g.» Trustee Tr. «e.g.»
Society Soc'y «e.g.» Turnpike Tpk. «e.g.»
South or Southern S. «e.g.» Uniform Unif. «e.g.»
Southeast or Southeastern Se. «e.g.» University Univ. «e.g.»
Southwest or Southwestern Sw. «e.g.» Utility Util. «e.g.»
Steamship or Steamships S.S. «e.g.» Village Vill. «e.g.»
Street St. «e.g.» West or Western W. «e.g.»
Subcommittee Subcomm. «e.g.»      
Surety Sur. «e.g.»      
System or Systems Sys. «e.g.»      


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