Legal Citation Finder Bookmarklet

Find the full-text of a legal document based on only the cite...when a direct link to the cite doesn't even exist. Just bookmark the LII Citer link (below) in your browser, highlight the cite, and follow the LII Citer bookmark:

LII Citer for Internet Explorer

LII Citer for Firefox & Other Non-IE Browsers

How it works

Citer is easy an easy to use bookmarklet. No software installations or browser add-ons:

  1. Create a bookmark/favorite pointing to LII's Citer.

    Make a bookmark using the code in the LII Citer links above - just as you save any link or website in your browser's bookmarks or favorites list. This is usually as easy as right-clicking the correct Citer link above (mind your browser) and selecting "Bookmark This Location" or "Add a Favorite." Once Citer is saved in your bookmarks/favorites, you won't need to complete this step again. Alternative directions for creating a Citer bookmark are here.
  2. Highlight the cite.

    Highlight/select any text that includes the cite you want to see in full - currently Citer only follows these citation types. If there is more than one cite in your highlighted text, Citer will only read the last among them.
  3. Follow your Citer bookmark to the full-text.

    Keep the text highlighted. Find the Citer bookmark where you saved it in your browser's list of bookmarks/favorites. Click the Citer bookmark to follow it. You will be taken straight to the full-text of the cited document if it's supported.

Try it out

Try it out on the citation below. When you highlight the full citation and use Citer, it should take you straight to the text of the citation.

  • Rodenticide Act (7 U.S.C. 136a(c)(3)(B)(ii)) is amended--

Now try it out on these various legal texts for more citation following fun.

Remember, Citer currently only follows these citation types. A more detailed description and our future plans for this project can be found here. Keep checking back here or follow LII's blog or Twitter feeds to keep up with Citer's progress and future editions.