18 AAC 75.250 - Insurance

(a) An applicant may demonstrate financial responsibility with insurance for the applicable amount required under 18 AAC 75.235(a), in full or in part. The applicant shall provide proof of insurance issued by an insurer either who is authorized to sell insurance in Alaska under a certificate of authority issued by the director of the division of insurance of the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development or who is an unauthorized insurer listed by the division of insurance as meeting the minimum trust or capital and surplus requirements of AS 21.34.040(c). Proof of insurance may be provided by a binder, by a certificate of insurance acceptable in form to the department, or by a copy of the policy. If a binder or certificate of insurance is submitted to meet the requirements of this subsection, a copy of the underlying insurance policy must also be provided to the department within 90 days.
(b) Except for nontank vessels submitting proof of financial responsibility under 18 AAC 75.271(a) (2) or (3), if a policy of insurance, certificate, or binder is submitted, it must include an endorsement with the following, or substantially similar language: "Any other provision of this policy notwithstanding:
(1) this policy insures against any liability the insured may incur under Alaska Statute46.04.040(i) or any provision cited in it as a result of an unlawful discharge of oil within or affecting land or waters within the territorial jurisdiction of the State of Alaska; however, the insurer's liability does not exceed the limits of coverage set out in Section (Article or Clause) of this policy, subject to any deductible as specifically set out in Section (Article or Clause) of this policy (binder, certificate);
(2) the insurer agrees that any final judgment against the insured for damages under AS 46.04.040(i) or any provision cited in it resulting from an unlawful discharge of oil from or by any vessel or facility named in this policy may be enforced or executed in Alaska state courts, directly against the insurer, subject to the limits of coverage in this policy; the insurer will be bound by such a judgment as if the judgment were against the insurer; any person obtaining such a judgment against the insured is expressly made a third-party beneficiary of this provision; and
(3) termination or cancellation of this policy, insofar as it serves as proof of the insured's financial responsibility under AS 46.04.040, shall not become effective until 60 days after notice with the exception for nonpayment of premium which will require 30 days notice, in writing has been mailed, prepaid and certified, by the insurer to the insured and to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation at its office in Juneau, Alaska; however, this policy shall apply to all claims arising from a discharge occurring during the period covered by the policy and before the effective date of the termination or cancellation."
(c) An applicant may submit a claims made policy if it contains
(1) an extended reporting period of at least six months; and
(2) the endorsement language required by (b) of this section, with the following added to the end of the endorsement: "and made to the insurer during the policy period or the extended reporting period."
(d) A deductible provision in any policy of insurance, binder, or certificate is acceptable if
(1) the applicant demonstrates supplemental coverage for the amount of the deductible by means of other acceptable insurance, surety, guaranty, self-insurance, letter of credit, or other proof of financial responsibility approved by the department; or
(2) the deductible provision provides for a loss reimbursement plan that contains language guaranteeing that the insurer will be responsible for the payment of all claims on a first dollar basis, without waiting for the insured to pay the deductible.
(e) For purposes of this section "claims made policy" means a policy of liability insurance that covers claims arising out of a discharge occurring after a specified retroactive date but before the end of the policy period and first made to the insurer during the policy period or extended reporting period.


18 AAC 75.250
Eff. 5/14/92, Register 122; am 11/26/94, Register 132; am 10/28/2000, Register 156

As of Register 171 (October 2004), the regulations attorney made technical revisions under AS 44.62.125(b)(6) to reflect the name change of the Department of Community and Economic Development to the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development made by ch. 47, SLA 2004 and the corresponding title change of the commissioner of community and economic development.

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