Ariz. Admin. Code § R6-6-1011 - Health and Safety Standards in Child Developmental Foster Homes

A. The licensee shall maintain the premises of the child developmental foster home in a clean and sanitary condition to the degree that it does not present a health or safety hazard.
B. The child developmental foster home shall not have an accumulation of litter, rubbish, or garbage on the premises. Litter, rubbish, and garbage shall be contained in cleanable containers with lids or sealed disposable containers and shall be removed from the property not less than once a week.
C. The licensee shall ensure that the child developmental foster home is free from, or has an ongoing system to eradicate, insects, rodents, and other vermin.
D. Before initial licensure and every three years thereafter, the child developmental foster home shall be inspected and meet the safety and sanitation guidelines of the Department of Health Services unless otherwise specified by the Division.
E. Child developmental foster homes located in mobile homes shall pass an annual fire safety inspection as arranged by the Division.
F. The licensee shall keep toxic, poisonous, hazardous, and corrosive materials in locked storage separate from food or medications, unless otherwise specified in the ISPP.
G. The licensee shall keep medicines in locked storage separate from food, toxic, poisonous, hazardous, or corrosive materials.
H. The licensee shall keep firearms in locked storage and shall keep ammunition locked separately from the firearms.
I. Bedrooms shall have light, ventilation, and a usable, unobstructed exit to the outside in case of an emergency.
J. Telephone service or similar two-way communication methods shall be available in the home and shall be in working order.
K. Any permanent body of water shall be fenced and inaccessible to children and shall meet the guidelines of the Arizona Department of Health Services unless otherwise specified by the Division.
L. The licensee shall not allow foster children in swimming pool areas or in the area of other bodies of water unless supervised by a responsible adult or as specified in the ISPP.
M. The licensee shall store alcoholic beverages responsibly.
N. The licensee shall not use tobacco products while in an enclosed area with a foster child.
O. The licensee shall make reasonable efforts to ensure family pets do not present a health or safety hazard to foster children.
P. The licensee shall develop a fire evacuation plan and shall periodically practice the plan with the household members. The licensee shall update the fire evacuation plan as needed based on placement changes, household member changes, or structural changes to the foster home.
Q. The licensee shall equip the child developmental foster home with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers which are in good working order.


Ariz. Admin. Code § R6-6-1011
Adopted effective August 30, 1994, under an exemption from the provisions of A.R.S. Title 41, Chapter 6 (Supp. 94-3).

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