Ariz. Admin. Code § R6-6-805 - Program Plans

Current through Register Vol. 27, No. 52, December 24, 2021

A. Except in cases of emergency, the licensee shall notify the Division and obtain ISPP team approval prior to a client's move from one community residential setting to another setting and prior to relocation of a community residential setting. If the move requires contract modification, the administrator shall also obtain Division approval prior to the move.
B. In cases of emergency, the licensee shall coordinate with the Division regarding the notification of the responsible person when a client moves from one community residential setting to another.
C. The ISPP team shall convene to develop or revise the ISPP within 30 days following either a client's admission to a community residential setting or a change in community residential licensee.
D. The ISPP team shall meet at least annually to develop or amend the complete ISPP for a client, using forms prescribed by the Division.
E. The ISPP team for any client residing in a community residential setting shall include a representative of the community residential setting. The representative shall have direct knowledge of the client.
F. The licensee shall develop a teaching plan or strategy for each objective assigned to the community residential setting by the ISPP team.
1. The teaching plan shall be consistent with any guidelines provided by the ISPP team.
2. The teaching plan shall include:
a. How, when, and by whom objectives will be implemented;
b. The method to be used to record data relative to progress; and
c. The procedure that will be followed should the objective be completed or should progress not be made as planned.
3. The licensee shall provide the teaching plan to the case manager.
G. The licensee shall provide, for the annual ISPP team meeting, complete and accurate information on periodic evaluations and medical care received since the last ISPP.
H. The ISPP for any client residing in a community residential setting shall specify the duration and conditions for the time that the client may spend without supervision provided by the licensee.
I. The licensee shall carry out the objectives, agreements, and assignments specified in the ISPP.
J. The licensee shall provide monthly reports to the case manager summarizing the client's progress toward residential habilitation objectives and the status of agreements and assignments specified in the ISPP.


Ariz. Admin. Code § R6-6-805
Adopted effective August 30, 1994, under an exemption from the provisions of A.R.S. Title 41, Chapter 6 (Supp. 94-3).

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