Ariz. Admin. Code § R7-2-808 - Pupil Participation in Extracurricular Activities

The following standards are effective for students in grade 6, if part of a middle school, and grades 7 through 12.

1. Definition Extracurricular activities are:
a. All interscholastic activities which are of a competitive nature and involve more than one school where a championship, winner, or rating is determined; and all those endeavors of a continuous and ongoing nature for which no credit is earned in meeting graduation or promotional requirements and are organized, planned, and sponsored by the district consistent with district policy.
b. Activities which are an integral part of a credit class shall be excepted from the rule.
2. Eligibility requirements and ineligibility.
a. Eligibility. To be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities, a student shall be required to:
i. Earn a passing grade in each course in which the student is enrolled; and
ii. Maintain satisfactory progress toward promotion or graduation.
b. Ineligibility. When it is determined that a student has failed to meet the requirements specified for eligibility, the student shall be declared ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities and shall remain ineligible until the requirements of eligibility are met.
i. The governing board shall establish the criteria for a passing grade and satisfactory progress toward promotion or graduation, taking into account the needs of children placed in special education programs pursuant to R7-2-401 et seq. Passing grades shall be determined on a cumulative basis, from the beginning of instruction to the recording of a final grade for the course.
ii. Every nine weeks or less, as determined by the governing board, district personnel shall review the progress of students to determine their eligibility status. If a student is declared ineligible, the student shall remain ineligible until a subsequent check is performed and it is determined that the student meets the eligibility requirements specified in subsection (2)(a).
3. Each governing board shall adopt a policy and implement a program pursuant to that policy to provide:
a. Oral or written preliminary notice to all district students and their parents or guardian of pending ineligibility;
b. Written notice to students and their parents or guardians when ineligibility has been determined;
c. Educational support services to students declared ineligible because of this rule, as well as those notified of pending ineligibility.


Ariz. Admin. Code § R7-2-808
Adopted effective December 31, 1986 (Supp. 86-6). Amended subsection (B) and added a new subsection (D) effective February 17, 1988 (Supp. 88-1). Amended subsection (A) effective August 15, 1988 (Supp. 88-3). Amended effective April 28, 1989 (Supp. 89-2). Amended effective December 20, 1991 (Supp. 91-4). Section R7-2-808 repealed, new Section adopted effective July 10, 1992 (Supp. 92-3). Amended effective September 20, 1996 (Supp. 96-3). Amended effective December 22, 1997 (Supp. 97-4).

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