004.01.20 Ark. Code R. § 008 - Reentry Facility Program

I. AUTHORITY. The Board of Corrections is vested with the authority to promulgate this administrative rule by Arkansas law sections 12-27-105, 16-93-1203, 16-93-1205, 12-27-127 and 12-29-112.
II. APPLICABILITY. This policy applies to Arkansas Community Correction (ACC) employees and agents, Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) employees and agents, inmates, applicants for and recipients of a Reentry Facility license, owners, operators, volunteers, and staff members of licensed Reentry Housing Facilities. Agents include volunteers, interns, contractors, and vendors.
III. POLICY. It is ACC policy that reentry facilities and programs meet or exceed licensing requirements to ensure a structured, positive, affordable, and safe environment for reentry inmates.

A reentry facility program provides housing and programming for one or more inmates who have been transferred from ADC to ACC for the purpose of reentry programming. An inmate's home or the residence of an inmate's family member must not be considered a reentry facility for purposes of this rule.

A company or individual may contract with ACC to provide reentry services by processing a "Request for Qualifications," which is supplied by the Arkansas Office of State Procurement. This contract allows a licensed Reentry Facility to bill the state for limited reimbursement for housing and programming provided for assigned inmates at the facility.

Reentry facility programs must be designed and operated to achieve these goals:

* provide public safety

* reduce recidivism

* encourage employment

* provide treatment

* transition inmates into permanent housing, and

* maintain the principles of evidence based practices.

An ACC Reentry Officer will be assigned as a liaison between a licensed Reentry Facility and ACC. This officer's duties include, but are not limited to, an indirect caseload, reentry site visits, and security issues.

The ACC Reentry Housing Coordinator will:

* monitor Reentry Facilities for compliance of policy, procedure, practice and contract stipulations

* monitor inmate placement in facilities

* lead the License Review Teams

* report concerns and violations to the proper authority, and

* serve as the liaison between the facility and ACC for compliance issues.


Licensing Authority. ACC is the authority for licensing Reentry programs and/or facilities. ACC must ensure the development and implementation of the necessary applications, forms, procedures and processes for obtaining sufficient information to make licensure, programming, and renewal decisions consistent with the requirements established by this rule.


Procedures will be developed to respond to any issues of facility non-compliance.


Financial remuneration amounts are contracted and based on program phases.


The criteria for the selection of inmates and the process for their transfer from ADC to ACC for reentry programming must be outlined in an Administrative Directive.

Board Approval Date: 8/21/2015

Effective Date: 9/15/2015


004.01.20 Ark. Code R. § 008
Adopted by Arkansas Register Volume MMXXI Number 07, Effective 9/15/2015

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