005.01.18 Ark. Code R. § 004 - Implement the Braille and Large Print Textbook Appropriation

1.00 Regulatory Authority
1.01 These regulations shall be known as Arkansas Department of Education Regulations to Implement the Braille and Large Print Textbook Appropriation.
1.02 These regulations are enacted pursuant to the State Board of Education's authority under Act 174 of 2017.
2.00 Purpose
2.01 It is the purpose of these regulations to set forth the criteria for determining student eligibility for adaptive textbooks (i.e. braille and large print).
2.02 These regulations define the process for local school district access to such adaptive textbooks for students with visual impairments.
3.00 Definitions
3.01 For the purpose of these regulations, adaptive textbooks are defined to mean braille and large print.
3.02 IDEA refers to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
3.03 IEP is the individualized education program for a student with disabilities under the IDEA.
3.04 Learning Media Assessment refers to a structured systematic assessment used to determine the appropriate literacy media and/or functional learning materials for students with visual impairments.
3.05 Braille Skills Inventory is a comprehensive assessment used to assess the braille reading and writing proficiency of students who receive braille instruction.
3.06 Informal Reading Inventories (IRIs) as used in these regulations refers to commercially available IRIs which are adapted into braille and large print and used as a part of continuing assessment to determine student progress in reading as measured by reading comprehension and reading rate.
3.07 Reading rates are measured using informal reading inventories and content texts and are one component of the data needed to determine efficiency in a student's current literacy media.
3.08 Informal functional vision assessment as used in these regulations refers to teacher observations which provide evidence of a student's use of visual ability in near and distance tasks.
4.00 Administration
4.01 The braille and large print textbook program for students with visual impairments shall be administered by the Arkansas School for the Blind in conjunction with the Arkansas Department of Education's designee from internal administration.
5.00 Eligibility for Adaptive Textbooks
5.01 The following criteria should be considered when determining the appropriate reading medium for students with visual impairment.
5.01.1 Observations made by, but not limited to, the classroom teacher, parent, certified teacher of students with visual impairments (TVI), and an ESVI regional vision consultant.
5.01.2 Assessment by an ESVI regional vision consultant, certified teacher of students with visual impairments (TVI). Learning Media Assessment Braille Skills Inventory Informal functional vision assessment Reading rates
5.01.3 Eye specialist medical report detailing acuity, pathology and prognosis.
5.01.4 Student's IEP team recommendation.
6.00 School District Access to Adaptive Textbooks
6.01 Local school districts must assess any student whose visual impairment adversely affects his/her educational performance as to the student's need for adaptive textbooks.
6.02 For the purpose of these regulations, the criteria stated in Section 5.00 shall be the minimum criteria for determining student eligibility.
6.03 Local school districts may seek assistance for assessing a student's need for adaptive textbooks by contacting the Educational Services for the Visually Impaired (ESVI).
6.04 Following a determination that a student is eligible for adaptive textbooks, the regional vision consultant serving the local school district will approve the purchase of textbooks for each student determined eligible.
6.05 The regional vision consultant will complete an ESVI textbook order form and transmit the form to the Instructional Resource Center at the Arkansas School for the Blind.
7.00 Costs
7.01 There shall be no charge to local school districts for large print or braille textbooks, unless a book is lost or is severely damaged.
7.02 Should a textbook be lost or sustain such damage as to render the book unusable, the district will be billed for the costs associated with replacing the book.


005.01.18 Ark. Code R. § 004

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