005.04.01 Ark. Code R. § 002 - ADE 128: Governing Mobile Phone Usage by School Bus Drivers

1.00 Regulatory Authority
1.01 These Rules and Regulations shall be known as the Arkansas Department of Education Rules and Regulations Governing Mobile Phone Usage by School Bus Drivers.
1.02 These regulations are enacted pursuant to the authority of the State Board of Education under Ark. Code Ann. § 6-19-101.
2.00 Purpose of Regulations

The purpose of these regulations is to prohibit the use of a mobile phone while operating a school bus.

3.00 Definitions
3.01 "School Bus". For purposes of this regulation, a school bus means every motor vehicle owned by a public or government agency and operated for the transportation of children to or from school or privately owned and operated for compensation for the transportation of children to or from school or school sponsored activity.
3.02 "School Bus Driver". Anyone operating a vehicle that meets the definition of a school bus.
3.03 "Mobile phone". Any wireless communication device used to make or receive telephone calls, including hands free headphones.
4.00 Requirements
4.01 Mobile phones shall not be used by the bus driver while the vehicle is in motion or stopped for a traffic-signaling device.
4.02 Usage shall only be when the school bus is safely off the roadway with the parking brake engaged.
4.03 Only district authorized mobile phones shall be operated on an Arkansas school bus.
4.04 The Arkansas Association of Pupil Transportation shall emphasize this prohibition in its annual school bus driver training.
5.00 Penalty

In compliance with the procedures established in Ark. Code Ann. §6-17 Subchapter 17 (Repl. 1999), if a school bus driver violates this regulation, the school superintendent shall impose the appropriate discipline or penalty, as approved by the local board.


005.04.01 Ark. Code R. § 002

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