005.04.97 Ark. Code R. § 009 - ADE 063 - Rules and Regulations Governing the Distribution of Isolated Funding

1.00 Regulatory Authority
1.01 These regulations shall be known as Arkansas Department of Education Regulations governing the distribution of funding to Isolated School Districts in accordance with Act 1381 of 1997 and Arkansas Code Annotated § 6-20-303(17) as amended by Section 2 (17) of Act 1307 of 1997.
1.02 These regulations are enacted pursuant to the State Board of Education's authority under Arkansas Code Annotated § 6-11-105 (Repl. 1993) and 6-20-305 (1995 Supp.).
2.00 Purpose
2.01 It is the purpose of these regulations to establish criteria by which a school district may choose the basis for calculation of the district's isolated funding and to establish a isolated funding factor.
3.00 Definitions
3.01 Isolated Funding - The state financial aid provided to local school districts with an average daily membership of less than three hundred fifty (350) from funds made available for that purpose.
3.02 Isolated Funding Factor - A factor calculated by dividing the isolated funding by the total amount qualifying school districts would be eligible to receive based on the calculation of aid as defined by law.
4.00 Selection of Method of Calculation
4.01 School districts with an ADM of less than 350 will not be required to apply for isolated funding as established by Arkansas Code Annotated § 6-20-303(17) as amended by Section 2 (17) of Act 1307 of 1997.
4.02 School districts which may elect to qualify for isolated funding as provided in Act 1318 of 1997 shall apply to the Department of Education.
5.00 Application for Aid
5.01 School districts applications to qualify for isolated funding, in accordance with Act 1318 of 1997, shall be on forms provided by the Arkansas Department of Education.
5.02 Applications to qualify for isolated funding are due by May 15, preceding the school year for which Isolated Funding is to be provided,
5.03 The Department of Education shall review all applications for isolated status to determine compliance with all eligibility criteria.
6.00 Funding Distribution
6.01 Isolated funding shall be calculated as defined by law.
6.02 Funds shall be distributed by multiplying each qualifying school district's isolated funding by the Isolated Funding Factor.


005.04.97 Ark. Code R. § 009

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