A. Any person who performs taxable labor for any other person who holds a retail permit need not collect and remit tax upon labor services performed for that person holding the retail permit if, and only if, the labor is to be charged to, and the tax collected from, the ultimate consumer by the person purchasing the taxable labor.

Example: Seller operates an automobile paint and body shop. Retailer, an automobile dealer, contracts with Seller to repair and paint automobiles for those consumers to whom Retailer has sold automobiles. Retailer performs the necessary engine repairs to the damaged automobiles but contracts with Seller to perform the body and paint work. If Retailer bills the consumer for all work performed by both Seller and Retailer, and collects the applicable tax on the work, then Seller need not collect tax from Retailer.

B. The tax does not apply to the sale of service provided by coin-operated car washes where the car-washing equipment is activated by the insertion of a coin or coins into a slot or receptacle and where the labor of washing the exterior of the car or motor vehicle is performed solely by the customer or by mechanical equipment.
C. The tax does not apply to the sale of services performed on watches and clocks which are received by mail or common carrier from outside this State and which, after the service is performed, are returned by mail or common carrier, or in the repairman's own conveyance, to points outside this State.
D. Prior to December 1, 2004, the tax does not apply to the sale of repair or maintenance services of railroad parts, railroad cars and equipment brought into the State of Arkansas solely and exclusively for the purpose of being repaired, refurbished, modified, or converted within this State. The tax does apply to any parts, materials, or supplies purchased in the repair, refurbishing, conversion or modification of railroad parts, railroad cars, and equipment. After December 1, 2004, the tax does not apply to the parts or labor used in the repair and maintenance of railroad parts, railroad cars and equipment owned by railroad companies or carriers.
E. The gross proceeds or gross receipts derived from the repair or refurbishing of telephone instruments are exempt if the instruments are sent into Arkansas for repair and then shipped out of Arkansas to the state of origin.
F. The gross receipts or gross proceeds derived from the repair or remanufacture of industrial metal rollers is exempt from tax if:
1. The rollers have a remanufactured, nonmetallic material covering on all or part of the roller surface; and
2. The rollers are brought into Arkansas solely and exclusively for the purpose of repair or manufacture; and
3. The rollers are shipped back to their state of origin after repair or remanufacture.
G. Automobile detailing services, such as interior and exterior car washing, or waxing, and engine cleaning and degreasing, are exempt from tax pursuant to GR-53 as a sale for resale if, and only if all requirements of GR-53 are met, and:
1. The business for which the detailing is performed is in the business of reselling the detailing service; or
2. The detailing becomes a recognizable and integral part of an automobile which is to be sold by a person or company regularly engaged in the business of reselling automobiles.


006.05.08 Ark. Code R. § 30

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