126.03.11 Ark. Code R. § 003 - Conservation and Energy Efficiency Programs

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Section 12 : Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

All aspects of utility-sponsored energy efficiency efforts, including, but not limited to, measures, programs, and reports are potentially subject to Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification (EM & V).

All EM & V activities undertaken as part of a utility-sponsored program, including, but not limited to, estimation of energy efficiency savings and process evaluations, shall be conducted consistent with the Arkansas Technical Reference Manual (TRM) and with national best program evaluation practices as established by the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency ("NAPEE"), the State & Local Energy Efficiency Action ("SEE Action") Network, the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol ("IPMVP"), or other similar nationally or internationally accepted EM & V standards.

The TRM shall set forth Protocols for EM & V activities. An organization selected by a program administrator to conduct EM & V activities shall be independent of the organization or organizations involved in the particular EE program design, management, and implementation, such that the verification professionals conducting or reviewing evaluations have no financial stake, beyond the evaluation contract itself, in the program or program components being evaluated.

A. Duty to Follow Procedures in Technical Reference Manual

EM & V activities shall be performed in a manner consistent with the applicable TRM provisions. If the TRM does not specify provisions for an EM & V activity, the utility shall conduct its EM & V activity with a level of effort consistent with the provisions of the TRM.

B. Amendment of Technical Reference Manual
1. The Commission shall maintain a docket or dockets for consideration of TRM amendments.
2. Except for good cause shown, any petition to intervene in a docket for consideration of a TRM amendment shall be filed within fifteen (15) days of the filing of a TRM amendment.
3. Unless otherwise provided in a Commission order, within twenty (20) days of the date upon which a proposed TRM amendment has been filed, Staff shall, and the other parties may, file appropriate responsive testimony or request suspension of the proposed amendment. If a timely objection to an amendment is filed, or if the Commission acts on its own to suspend the proposed amendment, the amendment will be suspended and an appropriate procedural schedule will be established.
4. At the request of a party or on its own motion, the Commission may schedule a hearing to consider a suspended amendment. If no party requests a hearing within fifteen (15) days following suspension, hearing shall be deemed waived. No suspended amendment may become effective prior to a hearing or waiver of hearing.
5. The date of any Commission order approving a TRM amendment becomes the effective date for that amendment, unless otherwise provided in a Commission order.
C. Technical Reference Manual Availability

The TRM shall be available for inspection in the Secretary's Office and shall also be available on the Commission's website.


126.03.11 Ark. Code R. § 003

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