126.03.12 Ark. Code R. § 001 - Net Metering Rules

Section 7. Indemnity and Liability

The following is applicable to the Utility and to all Customers except the State of Arkansas and any entities thereof, local governments and federal agencies:

Each party shall indemnify the other party, its directors, officers, agents, and employees against all loss, damages, expense and liability to third persons for injury to or death of persons or injury to property caused by the indemnifying party's engineering, design, construction, ownership, maintenance, or operations of, or the making of replacements, additions or betterment to, or by failure of, any of such party's works or facilities used in connection with this Agreement by reason of omission or negligence, whether active or passive. The indemnifying party shall, on the other party's request, defend any suit asserting a claim covered by this indemnity. The indemnifying party shall pay all costs that may be incurred by the other party in enforcing this indemnity. It is the intent of the parties hereto that, where negligence is determined to be contributory, principles of comparative negligence will be followed and each party shall bear the proportionate cost of any loss, damage, expense and liability attributable to that party's negligence. Nothing in this paragraph shall be applicable to the parties in any agreement entered into with the State of Arkansas or any entities thereof, or with local governmental entities or federal agencies. Furthermore, nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to waive the sovereign immunity of the State of Arkansas or any entities thereof. The Arkansas State Claims Commission has exclusive jurisdiction over claims against the state.

Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to create any duty to, any standard of care with reference to or any liability to any person not a party to this Agreement. Neither the Utility, its officers, agents or employees shall be liable for any claims, demands, costs, losses, causes of action, or any other liability of any nature or kind, arising out of the engineering, design, construction, ownership, maintenance or operation of, or the making of replacements, additions or betterment to, or by failure of, the Customer's facilities by the Customer or any other person or entity.


126.03.12 Ark. Code R. § 001

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