Cal. Code Regs. Tit. 18, div. 2.2 app A - Disclosure Positions

Designated Positions Disclosure Categories
Board Members' Offices
Deputy to Board Member 1-8
Assistant to Board Member 1-8
Attorney (All Levels) 1-5
Tax Counsel (All Levels) 1-5
Associate Governmental Program Analyst 1, 3-5
Business Taxes Specialist (All Levels) 1-5
Information Officer (All Levels) 1, 3-5
Executive Office
Executive Director 1-8
CEA (All Levels) 1-6
Business Taxes Specialist (All Levels) 1-6
Staff Services Manager (All Levels) 1-6
Board Proceedings Administrative Section
Staff Services Manager (All Levels) 5, 7,
Legislative and Research Division
CEA (All Levels) 1-6
Research Data Specialist (All Levels) 1, 3, 7
Taxpayers' Rights Advocate Office
Taxpayers' Rights Advocate 1-6
Senior Specialist Property Appraiser (TRA) 2, 5
Associate Property Appraiser 2, 5
Assistant Property Appraiser 2, 5
Equal Employment Opportunity Division
Staff Services Manager I 1-6
Legal Department
CEA (All Levels) 1-6
Tax Counsel (All Levels) 1-5
Attorney (All Levels) 1-5
Property Tax Department
CEA (All Levels) 2-7, 9
Deputy Director 1-8
Chief 1-8
Principal Property Appraiser 7, 11
Supervising Property Appraiser 7, 11
Research Data Supervisor (All Levels) 7, 11
Senior Specialist Property Appraiser 11
Senior Specialist Property Auditor Appraiser 11
Senior Petroleum and Mining Appraisal Engineer 11
Associate Property Appraiser 11
Associate Property Auditor Appraiser 11
Assistant Property Appraiser 11
Assistant Property Auditor Appraiser 11
Junior Property Appraiser 11
Business Taxes Specialist (All Levels) 11
Research Data Analyst (All Levels) 11
Tax Auditor 11
Associate Government Program Analyst 11
Staff Services Analyst (LEOP) 10
Retired Annuitants *
Consultants/New Positions **

* Retired Annuitants who are appointed in classifications corresponding to civil service employee classification categories listed in this conflict of interest code will disclose under that civil service classification category.

** Consultants/New Positions shall be included in the list of designated positions and shall disclose pursuant to the broadest disclosure category in the code subject to the following limitation: The Executive Director may determine in writing that a particular consultant or new position, although a "designated position," is hired to perform a range of duties that is limited in scope and thus is not required to fully comply with the disclosure requirements in this section. Such written determination shall include a description of the consultant or new position's duties and, based upon that description, a statement of the extent of disclosure requirements. The Executive Director's determination is a public record and shall be retained for public inspection in the same manner and location as this conflict of interest code. (Gov. Code, ยง 81008.)


Cal. Code Regs. Tit. 18, div. 2.2 app A

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