Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A28 - Paddock judge

(a) Duties. The paddock judge shall be in charge of the paddock and inspect all race horses and their equipment prior to each race, and shall observe and report forthwith to any steward any violation observed in such inspection.
(b) Horse identification, equipment inspection. The paddock judge shall be in charge of the paddock and shall have general jurisdiction over the saddling equipment and changes thereof and his duties shall be determined from time to time by the stewards. The identification of said horses shall be made by the horse identifier who shall report any irregularities to the paddock judge and stewards.
(c) Farrier, notices to be posted. The paddock judge shall, in each race, require the farrier in attendance in the paddock to see to it that all horses are properly shod, and a notice forthwith posted in a conspicuous place close to the paddock, easily visible to the public, stating the type of shoes with which the horse is shod and whether with or without caulks and on which feet, or is shoeless as to any of its feet. The said judge shall report immediately to the stewards the findings of the farrier.
(d) Irregularities. The paddock judge shall report any irregularities to the stewards.
(e) Equipment changes. Permission for any change of equipment from that which a horse carried in his last previous race must be obtained from the paddock judge.
(f) Horses to be saddled in paddock. All horses must be saddled in the paddock, except by permission of the stewards.
(g) Horse in paddock not to be touched. No one not actually connected with its stable shall touch a horse while in the paddock preparatory to starting in a race, except for authorized inspection as provided in these rules.
(h) Exclusions from paddock. The commission, its duly authorized representatives, officials, and licensed personnel required to be in the paddock shall be allowed admittance thereto subject to such limitations as the paddock judge may require. No other personnel shall be allowed into the paddock unless permission therefor is received from the paddock judge or the commission. Licensed personnel shall be allowed in the paddock only while the horse they own or service is in the paddock.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A28

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