Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A34 - Testing

(a) Admittance to enclosure for making tests. No person other than those authorized by rule (f) of this section shall be admitted at any time to the building or part thereof utilized by the commission for making medication, drug or other tests of horses except the staff immediately in charge of such work, the commissioners, the stewards, and such other persons as may be authorized in writing by the chairman or vice-chairman of the commission or the commission veterinarian.
(b) Guard. A guard approved by the commission must be in attendance during the hours designated by the commission.
(c) Pre-race testing. At association tracks, a pre-race testing program shall be conducted by the duly authorized representatives of the commission, and shall entail the operation of a field laboratory at the track.
(1) Blood samples shall be taken by a licensed veterinarian of every horse programmed to race, prior to the race in which it is programmed, for the purpose of determining the presence of any drug, stimulant, sedative, depressant or medicine.
(2) The blood samples shall be taken under the supervision of the commission veterinarian and by him and other persons appointed by the commission. The times at which the horses in each race shall be delivered to the enclosure for the taking of the samples, as well as related procedures, shall be prescribed by the commission veterinarian.
(3) Submission to the taking of pre-race blood samples is mandatory and no horse shall be allowed to race if the person who has charge or custody of it refuses to submit it for the taking of such sample unless the commission veterinarian, for good cause in his judgment, excuses the taking of the sample.
(4) Urine and saliva samples may be taken of any horse whenever the pre-race test is positive or when a blood sample has not been taken, or whenever, in the judgment of the commission veterinarian, a urine and/or saliva sample is required for further analysis.
(d) Post-race testing. The winner and second place finisher in every race and such other horses as the stewards may designate shall be sent immediately after the race to the detention area for examination by the commission veterinarian or his assistants, and the taking of such specimens of body fluids and eliminations as shall be directed. Blood specimens shall be taken only by a licensed veterinarian. All horses that participate in the winning combination in any daily double, perfecta, quinella, trifecta and superfecta race shall be tested pursuant to this section.
(e) General testing. The commission veterinarian or his assistants may also, when so directed by the stewards, require the taking of any or all of the specimens specified in this section from any horse stabled at a track during a meeting.
(f) Presence of owner. The owner, trainer or authorized agent of an owner shall be present in the detention area when saliva, urine or other specimen is taken from their horse, and must remain until such forms are signed by the owner, trainer or their representative as witness to the taking of the specimen. Wilful failure to be present at, or refusal to allow the taking of any such specimen, or any act or threat to impede or prevent or otherwise interfere therewith shall subject the persons found guilty by the stewards to immediate suspension and the matter shall be referred to the commission for appropriate action.
(g) Handling of specimen.
(1) All specimens taken by or under direction of the commission veterinarian or other authorized representative of the commission shall be delivered to the chief chemist at the laboratory designated by the commission for official analysis. Each specimen shall be marked by number and date and may also bear such information as may be essential to its proper analysis; but the identity of the horse from which the specimen was taken or the identity of its owner, trainer, jockey, or stable shall not be revealed to the chief chemist. The container of each specimen shall be sealed as soon as the specimen is placed therein, and each such seal shall bear the stamp of the commission.
(2) All containers used for specimens shall be single service disposable containers, sealed and stamped before use. Seals on the new containers shall not be broken except in the presence of owners or trainers or their representatives, if present at the collection of the sample. Only distilled water, with or without acetic acid, shall be used to moisten gauze used in the collection of saliva.
(h) Samples of medicines on grounds. The commission veterinarian, or any of his assistants, may take samples of any medicines or other materials suspected of containing improper medication or drugs which would affect the racing condition of a horse which may be found on the grounds of an association.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A34

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