Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A51 - Claiming races

(a) Who may make claim.
(1) In claiming races any horse may be claimed for its entered price by any owner licensed for racing at that meeting, who has nominated a starter up to or including the race in which the claim is made or by his authorized agent, but for the account only of the owner making the claim, or for whom the claim was made by the agent; provided, however, that no person shall claim his own horse or cause his horse to be claimed directly or indirectly for his own account.
(2) Where the owner is a partnership, all members of the partnership shall be bound by this section.
(b) Minimum price for claim. The minimum price for which a horse may be entered in a claiming race shall be $3,000.00 but in no case shall it be entered for less than the value of the purse to the winner.
(c) Conditions for starting claimed horse.
(1) For a period of thirty (30) days after the claim, a claimed horse shall not start in a race in which the determining eligibility price is less than twenty-five (25) percent more than the price at which it was claimed. The day claimed shall not count, but the following calendar day shall be the first day and the horse shall be entitled to enter whenever necessary so the horse may start on the thirty-first (31st) calendar day following the claim for any claiming price. This provision shall not apply to starter handicaps in which the weight to be carried is assigned by the handicapper.
(2) If a horse is claimed, it shall not be sold or transferred to anyone wholly or in part, except in a claiming race, for a period of thirty (30) days from date of claim, nor shall it, unless reclaimed, remain in the same stable or under the control or management of its former owner or trainer for a like period, nor shall it race elsewhere until after the close of the meeting at which it was claimed, except by special permission of the stewards at said meeting.
(d) Requirements for claim, determination by stewards. All claims shall be in writing and filed at least fifteen (15) minutes before post time. All claims shall be on a form supplied by the association and shall be properly signed and enclosed in an envelope provided for the purpose by the racing secretary. The envelope shall have no identification mark on it, but it shall be marked with the number of the race. It shall be sealed and stamped by a time clock and deposited in a locked box provided for this purpose by the racing secretary. No money shall accompany the claim. Each person desiring to make a claim, unless he shall have such amount to his credit with the association, must first deposit with the association the whole amount of the claim in cash, and any prevailing Connecticut taxes, for which a receipt will be given. All claims shall be passed upon by the stewards, and the person determined at the closing time for claiming to have the right of claim shall become the owner of the horse when the start is effected, whether it be alive or dead, sound or unsound or injured before or during the race or after it. If more than one person should enter a claim for the same horse, the disposition of the horse shall be decided by lot by the stewards. An owner shall not be informed that a claim has been made until after the race has been run, and any horse so claimed shall then be taken to the paddock for delivery to the claimant.
(e) Limitations on claims.
(1) No person shall claim more than one horse in a race.
(2) No authorized agent, although representing more than one owner, shall submit more than one claim in any one race.
(3) When a stable consists of horses owned by more than one person, trained by the same trainer, not more than one claim may be entered on behalf of such stable in any one race.
(f) Person for whom horse runs. Each horse shall run for the account of the person in whose name it starts.
(g) Claim irrevocable when lodged. When a claim has been lodged with the racing secretary, it is irrevocable, and is at the risk of the claimant.
(h) In case of dead heat. In case of a dead heat, each of the dividing horses is the winner for the purpose of this part.
(i) Collusive claiming punished.
(1) Should the stewards be of the opinion that any person is claiming a horse collusively for the benefit of another interest or in order to evade the provision of any sections of this chapter, they may require him to make an affidavit that he is not so doing, and if upon proof it is ascertained that he made a false affidavit, he shall be referred to the commission for further action.
(2) Should the stewards within twenty-four (24) hours after the running of a race be of the opinion that the lease or the entry of a horse was not made in good faith but was made for the purpose of obtaining the privilege of entering a claim, then in each case they may disallow or cancel any such claim and order the return of a horse that may have been delivered and refer the case to the commission for further action.
(j) Delivery on written order. No horse shall be delivered except on a written order from the racing secretary.
(k) Refusal to deliver. Any person refusing to deliver a claimed horse shall be suspended and his case referred to the commission. The horse is disqualified until he is delivered to the purchaser.
(l) Intimidation, collusion. Any person who shall attempt to prevent another person from claiming any horse in a claiming race, or any owners running in claiming races who may make any agreement for the claiming of each other's horses, may be punished by the stewards or they may refer the matter to the commission for further action.
(m) Steward's certificate to claim. When a stable has been eliminated by claiming, the owner so affected, if he has not replenished his stable before the close of the meeting, may obtain a certificate from the stewards of the meeting; and on presentation thereof the owner shall be entitled to claim during the next thirty (30) racing days at any recognized meeting in this state, until he has claimed a horse. Stables eliminated by fire or other hazards may also be permitted to claim under this rule in the discretion of the stewards.
(n) Program. The claiming price of each horse in a claiming race shall be printed in the official program, and all claims for said horse shall be for the amount so designated.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A51

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