Conn. Agencies Regs. § 26-16-1 - Prohibited activities in access areas

At any boating access area which is under the control of the Department of Environmental Protection and is intended to provide public access, or parking related to such access to streams, lakes, ponds or tidal waters, including Long Island Sound, the following regulations shall apply:

(a) No person shall discard any fish or portion thereof.
(b) No person shall dispose of any litter, as defined in Section 22a-248 of the Connecticut General Statutes, except into a receptacle provided for such purpose, and no person shall dispose at such facility of any litter not generated at such access area.
(c) No person shall wash or clean any vehicle except a boat trailer. A vessel or boat trailer may be cleaned only with plain water. No person shall use any detergent or chemical agent to clean a vessel or boat trailer.
(d) No person shall park a vehicle except in an area designated by the Commissioner for parking.
(e) No person shall kindle a fire.
(f) No person shall engage in camping.
(g) No person shall engage in disorderly conduct.
(h) No person shall damage any building, equipment, poster or vegetation.
(i) No person shall use any such facility for purposes other than:
(1) fishing, where permitted;
(2) parking where permitted for the purpose of fishing, boating, hunting, or observing wildlife;
(3) launching of boats or;
(4) The observation of wildlife from constructed observation decks.
(j) No person shall use any such facility for any purpose when it is posted closed by the Commissioner.
(k) No person shall tie up, moor or anchor a vessel in a manner that may obstruct or interfere with the launching of any other vessel except when actively launching or retrieving a vessel.
(l) No person shall leave any vessel unattended in the water or on land, or tied to any state dock or pier.
(m) No person shall moor or anchor a vessel or leave a vessel on land at any such facility.
(n) No person shall engage in any commercial activity at such facility unless so authorized by the Department of Environmental Protection.
(o) No person shall erect or post any notice or sign unless authorized in writing by the Commissioner.
(p) No person shall consume any alcoholic liquor. "Alcoholic liquor" as used in this subsection, shall have the same definition as in Section 30-1 of the Connecticut General Statutes.
(q) No person shall engage in sport fishing from the courtesy docks or from the ramp surface when said sport fishing interferes with boating activities. "Courtesy docks" means, in this subsection, floating or non-floating platforms that are located adjacent to a launch ramp for use by boaters to facilitate the loading or unloading of boats.
(r) No person shall engage in bathing, swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving.
(s) Dogs must be on a leash no longer than seven (7) feet and under the control of their owner or keeper. The person responsible for the dog must hold the leash at all times. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to the proper use of dogs while in the act of hunting, however, all dogs may be prohibited on any area or during any time period when so posted by the Department.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 26-16-1
Effective April 23, 1993; Amended March 9, 2004; Amended February 29, 2008

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