TITLE 13a - Highways and Bridges (Sec. 13a-80-1 to Sec. 13a-253-10)

  1. 80 - Sale of Excess Residential Property (Sec. 13a-80-1 to Sec. 13a-80-3)
  2. 97b - An Adopt a Highway Program (Sec. 13a-97b-1 to Sec. 13a-97b-7)
  3. 111 - Railings or Fences on State Highways or Bridges (Secs. 13a-111-1 to 13a-111-2)
  4. 123 - Outdoor Advertising Signs, Displays and Devices Adjacent to the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways, Limited Access Federal-Aid Primary Highways, Other Limited Access State Highways and Non-Limited Access Federal-Aid Primary Highways (Sec. 13a-123-1 to Sec. 13a-123-14)
  5. 123a - The Erection of Church Signs on State Highways (Secs. 13a-123a-1 to 13a-123a-5)
  6. 123d - Control of Junkyard and Scrap Metal Processing Facilities Along the Federal Interstate and Primary Systems and Limited Access State Highways (Sec. 13a-123d-1 to Sec. 13a-123d-3)
  7. 124a - Specific Information Signs and Business Signs on Limited Access Highways (Sec. 13a-124a-1 to Sec. 13a-124a-7)
  8. 143c - Minimum Requirements Relative to Traffic Safety for any Car Wash Facility for Which a Building Permit is Issued (Sec. 13a-143c-1)
  9. 154 - Motor Vehicle Toll Rates and Charges (Sec. 13a-154-6)
  10. 155b - Toll Plates for Certain Handicapped Drivers (Secs. 13a-155b-1 to 13a-155b-2)
  11. 156 - Toll Rates, Commutation Rates and Charges for the Connecticut Turnpike (Secs. 13a-156-1 to 13a-156-5)
  12. 157 - Toll Rates and Commutation Rates for the Charter Oak Bridge (Secs. 13a-157-1 to 13a-157-3)
  13. 159 - Toll Rates for Raymond E. Baldwin Bridge (Secs. 13a-159-1 to 13a-159-3)
  14. 160 - Toll Rates and Commutation Rates for the Mohegan-Pequot Bridge (Secs. 13a-160-1 to 13a-160-2)
  15. 165 - Certification of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (Sec. 13a-165-1 to Sec. 13a-165-15)
  16. 175u - Local Bridge Program (Sec. 13a-175u-1 to Sec. 13a-175u-7)
  17. 253 - Use of State Dock at East Haddam (Sec. 13a-253-1 to Sec. 13a-253-10)

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