TITLE 16a - Planning and Energy Policy (Sec. 16a-14-1 to Sec. 16a-49-3)

  1. 14 - Eligibility of Nonresidential Solar Energy Electricity Generating Systems for the Purpose of Authorized Property Tax Exemption (Sec. 16a-14-1 to Sec. 16a-14-302)
  2. 14b - Voluntary Testing and Certification Program for Energy-Related Products (Sec. 16a-14b-1 to Sec. 16a-14b-6)
  3. 15 - Signs - Retail Gasoline Outlets (Secs. 16a-15-1 to 16a-15-6 to Sec. 16a-15-10)
  4. 15a - Posting of Signs at Gasoline Service Stations (Sec. 16a-15a-1 to Sec. 16a-15a-4)
  5. 22c - Petroleum Product Definitions (Sec. 16a-22c-1)
  6. 23a - Defining Standards and Substandard Anthracite (Sec. 16a-23a-1 to Sec. 16a-23a-3)
  7. 24b - Interim Change Process to the Conservation and Development Policies Plan (Secs. 16a-24b-1 to 16a-24b-4 to Secs. 16a-24b-7 to 16a-24b-8)
  8. 32 - Interim Change Process to the Conservation and Development Policies Plan (Sec. 16a-32-1 to Sec. 16a-32-6)
  9. 37c - Shared Energy Savings Program (Sec. 16a-37c-1 to Sec. 16a-37c-3)
  10. 38e - Designation of Priority Energy Projects (Sec. 16a-38e-1 to Sec. 16a-38e-2)
  11. 38k - Establishment of High Performance Building Construction Standards for State-Funded Buildings (Sec. 16a-38k-1 to Sec. 16a-38k-9)
  12. 39 - Lighting Efficiency Standards for Public Buildings (Sec. 16a-39-1 to Sec. 16a-39-8)
  13. 40b - Energy Conservation Material Standards for Residential Buildings (Sec. 16a-40b-1 to Sec. 16a-40b-14)
  14. 41 - Energy Assistance Programs (Secs. 16a-41-1 to 16a-41-12 to Sec. 16a-41-45)
  15. 41(b) - Energy Assistance (Sec. 16a-41(b)-1 to Sec. 16a-41(b)-16)
  16. 42g - Loans for Payment of Home Heating Fuel Bills (Sec. 16a-42g-1 to Sec. 16a-42g-10)
  17. 43 - Business Emergency Relief Loan Program and Small Home Heating Oil Dealers Loan Program (Sec. 16a-43-1 to Sec. 16a-43-8)
  18. 48 - Procedures for Establishing Energy Efficiency Standards for Certain Appliances and Products (Sec. 16a-48-1 to Sec. 16a-48-6)
  19. 49 - Contract Procedures for Private Power Producers and Providers (Sec. 16a-49-1 to Sec. 16a-49-3)

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