Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 53ER11-16 - [Replaced] Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules


Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 53ER11-16
Rulemaking Authority 24.109(1) FS. Law Implemented 24.109(1), 120.74(1)(c) FS.
New 3-4-11, Replaces 53ER03-68, 53ER06-45, 53ER07-3, 53ER07-4, 53ER07-43, 53ER07-44, 53ER07-69, 53ER08-3, 53ER08-6, 53ER08-7, 53ER08-44, 53ER08-45, 53ER08-48, 53ER08-53, 53ER08-55, 53ER08-56, 53ER08-58, 53ER08-64, 53ER08-72, 53ER08-73, 53ER08-74, 53ER08-75, 53ER08-76, 53ER08-77, 53ER08-82, 53ER08-83, 53ER08-85, 53ER09-2, 53ER09-3, 53ER09-4, 53ER09-5, 53ER09-6, 53ER09-11, 53ER09-13, 53ER09-14, 53ER09-20, 53ER09-24, 53ER09-26, 53ER09-27, 53ER09-28, 53ER09-29, 53ER09-30, 53ER09-34, 53ER09-47, 53ER09-48, 53ER09-49, 53ER09-50, 53ER09-53, 53ER09-59, 53ER09-60, 53ER09-62, 53ER09-63, 53ER09-67, 53ER09-68, 53ER09-71, 53ER10-5, 53ER10-13, 53ER10-17, 53ER10-18, 53ER10-20, 53ER10-21, 53ER10-55, F.A.C., Replaced by 53ER12-28, F.A.C.

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