Sec. 61G1-11.013 - Definitions

ยง 61G1-11.013. Definitions

In these rules, where the context will permit;

(1) The term "designed and constructed to maintain its structural integrity independent of the unit on the opposite side of the wall" as used in Section 481.203(16), F.S., means that there must be separate exterior walls along the common property line, and the units sharing this common property line shall be structurally independent of each other so that either unit can be removed without affecting the other. A common wall may be used. When a common wall is used, it must be designed in such a manner that the unit on either side could be completely removed to finished grade and not affect the integrity of the common wall in any manner. The structural capability of each unit to stand loads or the lack thereof must not affect any other unit.


(a) The term "advertising medium" as used in Section 481.221(10), F.S., shall mean any of the following when paid for or produced by or for an architect or interior designer whether in print, broadcast, internet or other digital format:

1. Construction site signs;

2. Marketing materials or presentation to existing or prospective clients;

3. Advertisements;

4. Signs on vehicles;

5. Business communications;

6. The items listed in subparagraphs (2)(a)1., 2., 3., 4., and 5., shall contain the license number of the individual and for each business organization the license number of the registered architect who serves as the qualifying agent for each business:

(b) The term shall not apply to the following:

1. Business cards.

2. On-site signage used for identification, i.e., on facade, front door or location of business.

3. Information identifying a charitable donation to any organization exempt from federal income tax as provided in 26 U.S.C. 501(c)(3).

(c) The license number is required to appear in any advertising medium, pursuant to Section 481.221(10), F.S., shall be adjacent to the licensee's name and shall be legible.

(3) The term "other building intended for public use" as used in Section 481.229(1)(c), F.S., means any building which is open or available to the public or which is used as an office or assembly structure.

(4) The title "Intern Architect" may be used by an individual who possesses a National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB) accredited professional degree in architecture, is actively enrolled with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) in the Architectural Experience Program (AXP), and is working under the direct supervision of a registered architect. This title shall be used only in conjunction with the architectural business organization for which an individual is employed as an intern to meet the requirements of Section 481.211, F.S., "Architecture internship required."

(5) "Residential interior design," "residential interior designer," "residential space planning," or "residential space planner" are terms that may be used to describe interior design services or interior decorator services for a residential application, as set forth in Section 481.229(6)(a), F.S., without violating Section 481.223(1)(c), F.S.

(New 12-23-79, Amended 2-24-83, 10-27-83, 12-29-83, Formerly 21B-11.13, Amended 11-12-89, 2-14-91, 5-5-91, 12-26-91, Formerly 21B-11.013, Amended 11-15-93, 11-21-94, 1-10-99, 2-12-04, 4-15-07, 12-16-07, 3-7-10, 11-11-13, Amended by Florida Register Volume 44, Number 065, April 3, 2018 effective 4-16-18, Amended by Florida Register Volume 46, Number 247, December 22, 2020 effective 1-3-21.)

Rulemaking Authority 481.2055, 481.211, 481.213(6) FS. Law Implemented 481.203, 481.211, 481.221(10), 481.223(1)(c), 481.229(1)(c), (6) FS.

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