DEPARTMENT 6 - DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (Sec. 6-1.0996 to Sec. 6N-1.008)

  1. DIVISION 6 - Departmental (Sec. 6-1.0996 to Sec. 6-1.0996)
  2. DIVISION 6A - State Board of Education (Sec. 6A-1.001 to Sec. 6AER19-01)
  3. DIVISION 6B - Education Practices Commission (Sec. 6B-1.001 to Sec. 6B-11.008)
  4. DIVISION 6C - Board of Regents (Sec. 6C-1.0001 to Sec. 6C-21.213)
  5. DIVISION 6C1 - University of Florida (Sec. 6C1-1.006 to Sec. 6C1-7.058)
  6. DIVISION 6C2 - Florida State University (Sec. 6C2-1.004 to Sec. 6C2-6.013)
  7. DIVISION 6C3 - Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University (Sec. 6C3-1.017 to Sec. 6C3-11.001)
  8. DIVISION 6C4 - University of South Florida (Sec. 6C4-1.005 to Sec. 6C4-13.002)
  9. DIVISION 6C5 - Florida Atlantic University (Sec. 6C5-1.001 to Sec. 6C5-8.007)
  10. DIVISION 6C6 - University of West Florida (Sec. 6C6-1.005 to Sec. 6C6-6.0059)
  11. DIVISION 6C7 - University of Central Florida (Sec. 6C7-1.011 to Sec. 6C7-9.001)
  12. DIVISION 6C8 - Florida International University (Sec. 6C8-1.001 to Sec. 6C8-11.007)
  13. DIVISION 6C9 - University of North Florida (Sec. 6C9-1.001 to Sec. 6C9-9.001)
  14. DIVISION 6C10 - Florida Gulf Coast University (Sec. 6C10-1.003 to Sec. 6C10-9.007)
  15. DIVISION 6C11 - New College of Florida (Sec. 6C11-2.001 to Sec. 6C11-8.017)
  16. DIVISION 6C13 - Florida Polytechnic University (Sec. 6C13-1.002 to Sec. 6C13-10.002)
  17. DIVISION 6D - Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (Sec. 6D-1.002 to Sec. 6D-17.002)
  18. DIVISION 6E - Commission for Independent Education (Sec. 6E-1.003 to Sec. 6E-6.001)
  19. DIVISION 6J - Florida Insustrial and Phosphate Research Institute (Sec. 6J-1.001 to Sec. 6J-1.007)
  20. DIVISION 6M - Office of Early Learning (Sec. 6M-4.100 to Sec. 6M-9.400)
  21. DIVISION 6N - Postsecondary Reciprocal Distance Education Coordinating Council (Sec. 6N-1.001 to Sec. 6N-1.008)

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