1. DIVISION 60 - Departmental (Sec. 60-8.001 to Sec. 60-8.004)
  2. DIVISION 60A - Division of Purchasing (Sec. 60A-1.001 to Sec. 60A-9.007)
  3. DIVISION 60B - Division of Motor Pool (Sec. 60B-1.001 to Sec. 60B-4.008)
  4. DIVISION 60D - Division of Building Construction (Sec. 60D-3.001 to Sec. 60D-15.002)
  5. DIVISION 60E - Blind and Handicapped Purchasing Commission (Sec. 60E-1.001 to Sec. 60E-1.005)
  6. DIVISION 60G - Governor's Mansion Commission (Sec. 60G-1.001 to Sec. 60G-1.012)
  7. DIVISION 60H - Division of Facilities Management (Sec. 60H-1.001 to Sec. 60H-11.001)
  8. DIVISION 60L - [Repealed] Personnel Management System (Sec. 60L-26.001 to Sec. 60LER-19.2)
  9. DIVISION 60P - Division of State Employees' Insurance (Sec. 60P-1.0015 to Sec. 60P-10.009)
  10. DIVISION 60Q - Division of Administrative Hearings (Sec. 60Q-3.001 to Sec. 60Q-6.129)
  11. DIVISION 60R - State Retirement Commission (Sec. 60R-1.001 to Sec. 60R-1.007)
  12. DIVISION 60S - Division of Retirement (Sec. 60S-1.001 to Sec. 60S-11.004)
  13. DIVISION 60T - Division of Retirement - Local Retirement (Sec. 60T-1.001 to Sec. 60T-1.007)
  14. DIVISION 60U - Division of Retirement - Optional Retirement Program (Sec. 60U-1.001 to Sec. 60U-4.002)
  15. DIVISION 60V - Senior Management Service Optional Annuity Program (Sec. 60V-1.001 to Sec. 60V-5.001)
  16. DIVISION 60W - IFAS Supplemental Benefit Program (Sec. 60W-1.001 to Sec. 60W-8.001)
  17. DIVISION 60X - Division of Retirement - Social Security (Sec. 60X-1.001 to Sec. 60X-2.004)
  18. DIVISION 60Y - Commission on Human Relations (Sec. 60Y-1.002 to Sec. 60Y-25.007)
  19. DIVISION 60AA - Correctional Privatization Commission (Sec. 60AA-1.0014 to Sec. 60AA-602.405)
  20. DIVISION 60BB - Agency for Workforce Innovation (Sec. 60BB-1.001 to Sec. 60BB-10.009)
  21. DIVISION 60CC - Public Employees Relations Commission (Sec. 60CC-1.001 to Sec. 60CC-5.002)
  22. DIVISION 60DD - State Technology Office (Sec. 60DD-1.001 to Sec. 60DD-8.006)
  23. DIVISION 60EE - Enterprise Information Technology Services (Sec. 60EE-1.001 to Sec. 60EE-1.004)
  24. DIVISION 60FF - Technology Program (Sec. 60FF-1.001 to Sec. 60FF-6.005)
  25. DIVISION 60FF1 - E911 Board (Sec. 60FF1-5.001 to Sec. 60FF1-5.012)
  26. DIVISION 60GG - Division of State Technology (Sec. 60GG-1.001 to Sec. 60GG-5.001)

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