DEPARTMENT 64 - DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH (Sec. 64-1.010 to Sec. 64V-1.025)

  1. DIVISION 64 - Departmental (Sec. 64-1.010 to Sec. 64ER21-10)
  2. DIVISION 64B - Division of Medical Quality Assurance (Sec. 64B-1.001 to Sec. 64B-11.001)
  3. DIVISION 64B1 - Board of Acupuncture (Sec. 64B1-1.003 to Sec. 64B1-12.001)
  4. DIVISION 64B2 - Board of Chiropractic Medicine (Sec. 64B2-10.0055 to Sec. 64B2ER20-41)
  5. DIVISION 64B3 - Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel (Sec. 64B3-1.006 to Sec. 64B3-13.004)
  6. DIVISION 64B4 - Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling (Sec. 64B4-1.007 to Sec. 64B4ER20-20)
  7. DIVISION 64B5 - Board of Dentistry (Sec. 64B5-1.001 to Sec. 64B5-25.008)
  8. DIVISION 64B6 - Board of Hearing Aid Specialists (Sec. 64B6-1.002 to Sec. 64B6ER20-25)
  9. DIVISION 64B7 - Board of Massage Therapy (Sec. 64B7-24.008 to Sec. 64B7ER20-29)
  10. DIVISION 64B8 - Board of Medicine (Sec. 64B8-1.001 to Sec. 64B8ER19-1)
  11. DIVISION 64B9 - Board of Nursing (Sec. 64B9-1.001 to Sec. 64B9-16.004)
  12. DIVISION 64B10 - Board of Nursing Home Administrators (Sec. 64B10-10.002 to Sec. 64B10ER20-27)
  13. DIVISION 64B11 - Board of Occupational Therapy (Sec. 64B11-1.001 to Sec. 64B11-6.001)
  14. DIVISION 64B12 - Board of Opticianry (Sec. 64B12-8.005 to Sec. 64B12ER20-28)
  15. DIVISION 64B13 - Board of Optometry (Sec. 64B13-2.008 to Sec. 64B13ER20-40)
  16. DIVISION 64B14 - Board of Orthotists and Prosthetists (Sec. 64B14-1.001 to Sec. 64B14-7.005)
  17. DIVISION 64B15 - Board of Osteopathic Medicine (Sec. 64B15-6.001 to Sec. 64B15ER20-18)
  18. DIVISION 64B16 - Board of Pharmacy (Sec. 64B16-25.130 to Sec. 64B16ER20-42)
  19. DIVISION 64B17 - Board of Physical Therapy Practice (Sec. 64B17-1.002 to Sec. 64B17-9.001)
  20. DIVISION 64B18 - Board of Podiatric Medicine (Sec. 64B18-10.006 to Sec. 64B18ER20-19)
  21. DIVISION 64B19 - Board of Psychology (Sec. 64B19-10.006 to Sec. 64B19-19.006)
  22. DIVISION 64B20 - Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (Sec. 64B20-1.010 to Sec. 64B20ER20-23)
  23. DIVISION 64B21 - School Psychology (Sec. 64B21-500.002 to Sec. 64B21-505.001)
  24. DIVISION 64B23 - Council of Medical Physicists (Sec. 64B23-1.001 to Sec. 64B23-7.006)
  25. DIVISION 64B24 - Council of Licensed Midwifery (Sec. 64B24-1.001 to Sec. 64B24-8.003)
  26. DIVISION 64B25 - Certified Master Social Workers (Sec. 64B25-28.001 to Sec. 64B25-28.015)
  27. DIVISION 64B27 - Dental Laboratories (Sec. 64B27-1.001 to Sec. 64B27-2.004)
  28. DIVISION 64B28 - Board of Naturopathic Examiners (Sec. 64B28-1.006 to Sec. 64B28-5.001)
  29. DIVISION 64B29 - Optical Establishments (Sec. 64B29-1.001 to Sec. 64B29-2.004)
  30. DIVISION 64B31 - Impaired Practitioners Program (Sec. 64B31-10.001 to Sec. 64B31-10.004)
  31. DIVISION 64B32 - Board of Respiratory Care (Sec. 64B32-1.006 to Sec. 64B32-7.001)
  32. DIVISION 64B33 - Board of Athletic Training (Sec. 64B33-1.001 to Sec. 64B33-5.006)
  33. DIVISION 64C - Division of Children's Medical Services (Sec. 64C-1.001 to Sec. 64C-11.001)
  34. DIVISION 64D - Division of Disease Control (Sec. 64D-2.001 to Sec. 64DER21-9)
  35. DIVISION 64E - Division of Environmental Health (Sec. 64E-1.0015 to Sec. 64E-28.011)
  36. DIVISION 64F - Division of Family Health Services (Sec. 64F-1.001 to Sec. 64F-25.001)
  37. DIVISION 64H - Office of Statewide Research (Sec. 64H-1.001 to Sec. 64H-2.002)
  38. DIVISION 64I - Division of Health Access and Tobacco (Sec. 64I-1.001 to Sec. 64I-6.002)
  39. DIVISION 64J - Division of Emergency Preparedness and Community Support (Sec. 64J-1.001 to Sec. 64JER21-7)
  40. DIVISION 64K - Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (Sec. 64K-1.001 to Sec. 64K-1.008)
  41. DIVISION 64V - Vital Statistics (Sec. 64V-1.001 to Sec. 64V-1.025)

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