Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 125-1-3-.01 - 1999 County Workcamp Construction Grants Program

(a) Purpose of Program. The purpose of the 1999 County Workcamp Construction Grants Program is for the Georgia Department of Corrections to contract with Georgia county governments to provide increased capacity for State prison inmates in county correctional institutions. The objective is to increase statewide capacity by at least 1,500 beds over current levels. This will provide more inmate workers for pubic [public] works at the municipal and county levels while increasing the overall capacity for housing State inmates.
(b) Terms and conditions. The contracts awarded shall not exceed $26,500,000.00 in total. Counties will be awarded funds for one hundred percent of construction costs for additional State inmate beds. Kitchen and laundry support functions for these beds will be funded as remaining funds permit. "Additional State inmate beds" is defined as any proposed beds for State inmates additional to the current State capacity as of March 5, 1999. Funds shall be awarded only for the purpose of physical expansion of capacity, either by renovation of existing housing or by construction of new housing; no funds will be awarded for operating expenses. Any county receiving funds must agree to assign State inmates to the funded beds, provided the Department of Corrections has State inmates to be so assigned, effective for ten (10) years from date of inmate occupancy. The Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Corrections and the authority of the Commissioner, Georgia Department of Corrections, will apply to the management and use of the increased capacity.
(c) Eligible Recipients. County governments within the State of Georgia which currently operate correctional institutions.
(d) Criteria for Award. Contracts will be awarded on a priority basis. To achieve a higher priority, a county government must offer a more favorable combination of the following criteria:
1. soonest completion date;
2. economy of project;
3. greatest number of additional beds;
4. completeness of application. Contracts will then be awarded in order of priority, up to the exhaustion of grant funds.
(e) Directions and Deadlines for Applying. Applications will be sent to eligible counties by the Department of Corrections with an application deadline of May 14, 1999.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 125-1-3-.01
O.C.G.A. Secs. 28-5-122, 42-2-13.
Original Grant description entitled "1999 County Workcamp Construction Grants Program" submitted March 18, 1999.

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